How did you get started with Motorized Bicycles?

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  1. It was 2002 and I was 22, had no bills and the whole world ahead of me.

    I lived at home with my family and had no girlfriend and plenty of money to spend. But instead of spending my money on Apple stock (BIG MISTAKE?) I ended up finding a guy selling scooters on CL. This was before all the hoopla. I purchased what I later found out was a chinese "moquitos" 25.4cc scooter. The guy who sold me the kit was really cool and a scooter gear head, and he basically set me up with all the knowledge i needed about these little engines that could. He also set me up with an extra exhaust, carbs, clutches and he became my go to guy.

    I got such a positive response from my friends that 4 of them went to my guy and bought scooters. We had a gang and always rode the riverbed together.....then the process of natural selection started to take place. We all had the same exact scooters but all of our speeds were different and we always seemed to have to wait for 1 friend who seemed to get the slowest scooter engine. Then there was the guy who was having engine trouble. For myself, it ran like a dream. (i guess that goes to show that these little chinese 2 stroke engines are truly like a box of chocolates....for those of you who insist on asking questions like "which is better?" or "what do you think about this engine?".....)

    Well that went on for about year or so and then the novelty wore off, my friends' bikes broke down and they were over it. Soon, I was testing MY resolve to the cause and was frequently riding by myself. I got into porting my engine and modification and decided that the next most logical step was to move to a bicycle platform. So in 2003 after many weeks of R&D I decided to go with GEBE system.

    I have never looked back. I have just recently sold that old GEBE kit and am making preparations to purchase the updated kit from them. I picked up 2 Tanaka engines, 35cc and 40cc that will be the power and am just waiting on the money to get the mount kit. If they don't turn out to be what I want I will pick up a g-43l engine ( they are just so **** expensive) I really donlt want to spend $1000 on my engine/ mount kit. BUT I WILL IF I HAVE TO.

    Eventually after the motored bike, the next logical step i felt was a motorcycle, which of course, i got, however a minor accident and 2 back to back blowing through a red light camera tickets turned me off and now i am back to balls out motored biking!!!!

    Yea I could have ended up a millionaire buying the APPLE stock in 2002 but I like my $43k / yr life I ended up with......where is my shotgun......:sweatdrop:

    I will send new shots of the setup when I get up and running.

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    MB Intro

    Just Fn around on google. Ive always liked Bicycles and a motor on it is a bonus.
  3. Mini Bikes back in 1968/'69, moved up to 100-250 cc motorcycles and had friends with mo-peds etc. I have always enjoyed bicycling and now in my 50's with the aches and pains from working hard I decided my "Mid-life crisis" would be a M.B.
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    i love riding a bike,..but i really hate pedaling,.. that and i grew up seeing ads for bike motors in popular mechanics the last straw was seeing a teenager ride by my house on a obvoiusly homebuilt rig in 2000 i was hooked bought a friction drive kit and then a chinese 2 stroke,.. current bike is 80 cc ht with homemade jackshaft
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    I always dreamed of attaching a motor to my bicycle back when I was a teenager and had to pedal everywhere around town. There was barely a flat road in the town I grew up in and my current residence is located in an even more mountainous area.
    I love riding bicycles but without the NEED to get somewhere on one I would have ended up taking the car or motorcycle everywhere if it wasn't for my MB hobby.
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    After I retired, I got a job working in the same office as my wife. Same working hours, so we carpooled together. Major problem was that the wife stayed an hour and a half later than quitting time(secretary).
    Instead of sitting and waiting in the car, I walked home five miles away and took one hour 45 minutes. Nope, not an answer. I bought a cruiser bike and pedalled it to work(10 mph), which took 45 minutes. Nope, too sweaty to bike and work in an office. I electrified the bike(20-24 mph) and the commute took 27 minutes! Yes! However, the batteries weighed 80 pounds. It was bothersome to recharge. Then I got a 20" Dahon and used friction drive w/Subaru engine. Commute time was the same at 27mph tops, which was good. Now I've evolved from that to single 2.2hp(32 mph), twin 2.2hp engines(39 mph), 4.25hp(44 mph) and finally 2.8hp Tanaka 47R engine(43 mph) with shift kit. Commute time is about 25 minutes. However, now I'm riding in traffic instead of crawling on bike paths and sidewalks.

    It's a **** of a ride at speeds up to 40 mph now, like a 25-minute amusement ride to and from work!
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    No DL for a year and needed a legal ride, i'm hooked.
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    In Ecuador as a non-resident I can't have a drivers license so I saw that one place was selling these Grubee motor bikes for $400 whole or installing the kit in your bike for $250 so I jumped on it. Then I set out to make it have enough power to climb these hilly streets although we're at 8500 feet which robs a lot of power. I finally succeeded and have documented most of what I know now on my site for others to learn by. All in all, it's been one of the most satisfying journeys of my life, learning and applying knowledge of how two strokes work. I knew some already having been into motocross for years but not anything like what I know now.
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    Was unemployed last summer and was needing something positive for therapy. Have always been a gear head and info junkie plus I have a definite artistic and creative streak that needed some fulfilling so I happened to find motorized bicycles....
    I'm definitely new to I have been wanting a real motorcycle, but the wife is nixing the the next best thing....create my own!!
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    I was a po kid so learned how to fix mini bikes, then motorcycles for friends so I could get some seat time. Then I went with harleys and a flock of dirtbikes. Today, at 4 1/2 a gallon, I'd like to be able to take jaunts around town when I wish. I bought a basket case HT something or other from a college kid. Hope to have it modded and running soon.
    Is there any way I can identify what this little china engine really is??? Lol
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    My buddy needed to get around, so he started looking at Go-Peds. He eventually ran across a Go-Ped Riot, which is alright, but I'd still prefer the Go-Ped TrailRipper, personally.

    Anyway... when I was researching these "top-of-the-line" Go-Peds, I saw one link about motorized bicycles.

    The first two links I ever remember seeing were....

    (1) (this version is MUCH better than the YouTube vesion I'd originally seen)


    Much love for these two fountains of information.
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    I like motorcycles a lot, but these mb's are really easy to get around with. They are not like anything else with an engine. I rode go karts & mini bikes when I was a kid, so this is not the same but close to that feeling I got when I was young.
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    for the missus and me it was a three year quest---i wanted to go to bikes as a primary means of transportation as we live in a very small city in arkansas---the terrain here is fairly level and arkansas has some sweet laws when it comes to powered bikes---i wanted to go electric for a myriad of reasons but the batteries was holding me up--with lifepo4s hitting the market it has now become both economically feasible and with more then enough range available for my needs-and the weather is also very bike friendly as long as you have a motor assist cause pedaling at 90 plus degrees would be a bit of a drag
    i bought a trailer to go with the bikes and parked my car not selling it thinking it might be useful in time---as it turns out i dont need the car at all and it sits parked with the registration run out and no insurance==lol=== i think it is getting lonesome
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    Hey Lazarus!
    Would you post more info abt that 'lifepo4s' ?
    Never heard of that, and the 'affordable' part really caught my eye!
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    How I Got Started

    Ever since I was a little kid, I had an appreciation for anything with two or more wheels and anything with a motor...from rollerskates to fast cars and motorcycles....and in between and beyond. I would ride my bike from early afternoon until late at night. I used to get in trouble with my next door neighbor for touching his motorcycle. When most girls were coloring in their Barbie coloring books, I was coloring in my Hot Wheels book. Whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say a mechanic.

    But I was a girl (and still am actually.... :) ) and with the exception of rollerskating, I was basically told that girls shouldn't be interested in all the other stuff. So I would keep my motored and mechanical interests to myself. I thought that as I got older, attitudes would become more accepting toward women with my type of interests, but it never really did. And my attempts to reach out to people who could assist me in my endeavors have always failed.

    I discovered this forum after finding out that someone I admired was on here. And in the past couple of years of being on this forum, I have read everything posted and also read several books on motorized bikes, motorcycles, bike technology and history, etc. I haven't yet put any of the things I learned into practice.... partly because of the old childhood repression I haven't quite risen above yet, and partly because I want to share the activity, but don't have anyone to share it with. I learn the most by doing and imitating, and would really like someone to teach me in person. There is still so much to learn.

    I'm hoping I can turn my "someday" into "now" eventually :)
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    I quit smoking.
    I started eating everything in sight.
    I Weighed 300 plus pounds. Gonna DIE!
    I hate gyms.
    I hate exercising inside. TOO STINKY.
    I bought a bicycle. I could peddle out but not back. The ambient temp in the summer is like 120 F.
    I bought a kings bushing engine and installed it.
    Then when it fell apart. Chain carb adjustment clutch etc.

    I found this site.

    I now use a scooterguy type motorized bicycle.
    I can peddle or not and weigh a lot less.
    Because the scenery changes. I do go out a lot.

    In AZ motorized bicycles are totaly legal and dirt cheap compared to paying for Insurance, 20 gallons of gas at $4.00 per gallon per week.
    When I go shopping with say 45 bucks.
    I spend $1.00 on gas and $44 .00 on goodies.
    Not $20.00 on gas and $25.00 on goodies.
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  17. "I started eating everything in sight.
    I Weighed 300 plus pounds. Gonna DIE!
    I hate gyms.
    I hate exercising inside. TOO STINKY.
    I bought a bicycle. I could peddle out but not back."

    Welcome to my world.
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    Starting in 1982 I put a motorized bicycle in the back of my airplane and got hooked.

    Wanted better quality and reliability so it became a hobby. Now I have 4 very nice high quality bikes. Had 5 but one was stolen just a few days ago.
  19. rustycase

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    Sry to hear that Will,
    Did you post a pic of it so we can keep an eye out for it?
    Any unique identifying features?
    Whew! Fresno is REAL big ! Gonna be hard to find it there without help.
    Good luck in a recovery.
  20. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Too bad you live on the other side of America. My buddy Hawaii Ed and I could help you build, maintain and fix a motorized bike.

    If you don't have anyone near your location, stick around here. There is no doubt in my mind that the gentlemen here can walk you through the steps into building your MB. If it's more to your liking, you could buy one already made and just maintain and fix. I would recommend buying one from someone here on the forum, then pay to have it shipped to you.

    With this hobby, you MUST be willing and able to repair the motorized portion of the bicycle. Bike shops will probably not want to have anything to do with your motorized creation. You MIGHT have sympathizers at the local moped or motorcycle repair shop.

    It CAN be done. Your "someday" WILL eventually turn to "now". We've got a good, supportive bunch here. The fact that you wear skirts don't make a bit of difference to most of us here, I would imagine.

    Good luck, Miss.