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How Do! from NW WA


New Member
May 25, 2008
Nice to have found this list. I commute 16 miles a day on a pedal only road bike and have done for years. Also have a no-suspension mt bike that I use to haul a trailer. I'd like to put a gas motor on the MT. I'm getting close to 60and heat with wood. The cards are on the table for fuel prices, who knows about health/aging, so I'd like to be ready. The old Datsun PU I use for hauling wood won't last forever and ****ed if I feel like buying another truck. I'd like to hold on to the Geo Metro as it gets 45-50 MPG and I can haul a small trailer with it, too. Good cargo space in it, too. Get all my wood very locally, so hauling logs on a bike trailer is possible. Guess this is a place for me to pick up ideas and see what's out there on the market. I'm currently looking at the GEBE subaru. A guy on the Peak Oil listserv swears by it and has but many thousands of miles on one, (2 stroke, I think). I hate riding my bike behind 2 stroke scooters, so I'd opt for a 4 stroke, even with the limitations. Any feedback out there, I'm up for it.



Welcome to MBc. If you are wanting to be able to haul wood on a trailer, gearing will probably be an important concern. I don't know what you have in the way of hills to deal with, but the legal motors for these bikes are pretty small. I would suggest a chain drive because it allows for a wide range of gearing possibilities (see the Sponsor ad for Custom Sprockets on the left).