How do from Washington State

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    I have a Cranbrook in blue/cream powered by the 'Flying Horse' 49cc sold by Five Flags in Florida with tank and power chain in the same color as the fenders- recently put a rack with two .50 cal ammo cans in the back, lids and rack in blue, cans in cream. Custom blue headlight uses 6 volt flashlight system, runs off white wire and is pretty much useless and the Wally world tool roll on the handlebars. Been running about two months now. Love the thing. Gets lotsa commentary, mostly on "How do I get one?" I'm thinking my next build will be a BTR assuming I can find a decent donor frame and go from there.
    Who all is in Okanogan County of Washington State? Looking to start a club if I can.
    the Old Sgt.

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    Howdy from Seattle...