Clutch How do I adjust my clutch??

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    How could I adjust my clutch, I feel that it is slipping, because when I release the clutch it take a while until the engine begins the compression, and when I accelorate I can feel the rpm's increase but the bike doesnt increase in acceleration until a while after, I am running a 34t sprocket, I think my clutch has slipped a little, also I took off the clutch cover, and found very black grease there, that smell like burned fuel. IDK what it was I just whiped some off and the cluch worked a little better. Anyways can someone send me a link on how to adjust your clutch OTHER THAN ZBOX. Thanks alot. Possibly a picture of the "T" nut im not to sure what/where that is.

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    What part of the Zbox clutch adjust instructions are not understood ?
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    This should be in the 2-stroke or frame mount section. This is for bicycles only. Not motored bikes.
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    The part where he says " If you just want to adjust the clutch now, with the clutch lever still pulled tighten the T nut by hand all the way in then back it off ½ to 1 turn (as a guide) or as much as you like".

    I dont really know what the "T" nut is? Do you have a pic of it exactly?
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    Zbox factory pics.

    be aware though, the standard HT clutch cable has a tendency to keep stretching.
    It's been suggested to replace the cable with a heavy duty stainless steel brake cable if it continues to stretch.
    So after your T-Nut adjusments, trial and errors, keep checking the slack on clutch cable first

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