How do I know if it is a HuaSheng.

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by snowbanana, Jan 30, 2010.

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    Looks like the HS, but beware what gearbox it is- I couldn't see it in the photo. If it is a "figure 8" on its side style, that's the Hoot and while the engine itself is good, that gearbox is a problem. If it is a different gearbox, then that would be better, but at that price, I suspect the "figure 8" Hoot.
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    how much would a gearbox cost to buy separately if that one is junk? could I use a Q-matic?
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    That's it. Check with an EZM dealer. I know they use a HS engine and if that is what you want to do, it may be better just to get the whole setup from them.

    The HS is also used with the Grubee Skyhawk stage III and the 4G....but none of these can be had for $200. The Hoot has been used by some people successfully, but I've heard a lot of horror stories. I have been using a Skyhawk Stage II for over 2 years that is internally the same as the stage III- no problems.
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    what kind of horror stories have been said about the hoot.
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    Stay far away from the hoot gearbox...The clutch bell seems to be made of crumbly cheese....very noisy, no freewheeling at all. A true piece of ****.
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    Is it more economical to buy that kit and buy a separate gearbox?
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    Hi Snowbanana,

    Call me or PM me and I will happily explain the best way to save money and end up with a great motorbike kit. Considering you ask about cost & EZM drive systems, I hopefully can tell you the MSRP of the Q-Matic drive without breaking any rules [if not will a Moderator tell me without handing out points]. The Q-Matic drive retails for $259.75, and hopefully the numbers will help you decide which is most economical.

    As a Vendor it isn't wise for me to comment on the Hoot drive system, however you can read "all about them" on this site. The vast majority of Hoot owners didn't fare well, as can easily be researched on this site.

    Have fun,
    252-475-0406 [cell]
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    It is a HuaSheng Snowbanana because it has the HuaSheng black & white labels on the plastic engine cover that only the HS has. It also has a Hoot GB which is known to be pretty well useless. Also has an ugly exhaust that sticks straight out forwards and looks really silly plus it has a non-adjustable engine tray that probably won't fit a cruiser frame but would fit a hardtailed MTB (upon which it will look very ugly).
    Avoid it like the Ebola virus is my advice.
    It mentions in the specs 'high quality Chinese needle bearings' which I've only ever seen mentioned on the 2-stroke HT engines.
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    Dude, just get the HS kit from Spooky Tooth. It uses a timing belt-driven "gearbox" with sealed precision bearings. Nothing to grease, and it's very quiet. Check it out. They show all the specs on the page.

    (I don't work for them... I'm just a happy customer. :)