how do i know whether quick release skewers will fit?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by happyjourney, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. happyjourney

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    I have a seven speed schwinn beach cruiser style bicycle that i'm going to put my mb kit onto and i plan the get a rear and front rack and basket that i wanted to attach to be quickly removable by using quick release skewers. how do i know that the skewers will be long enough or strong enough to carry heavy loads? I plan on attaching a huge wald basket to the front that i can hopefully quickly remove and pannier bags on back of the rack with a huge wald basket that i could remove quickly as well. i plan on putting a battery on that back rack as well to run a electric motor attached to the front as well as a lighting system.

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    The general rule of thumb with motorized bicycles is..... if you need the wheel's axle to be strong and reliable, never ever use hollow axles with quick release skewers.
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    I've since reconsidered on the whole idea. i was just brainstorming i suppose. its been a long day of me cruising forums and trying to come up with a clear idea of what the end result i'm looking for.