How do I make this surfboard holder

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Kncool, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Kncool

    Kncool Guest

    Hello I love to go to the beach and ride my motoredbike, but Its hard to do both, unless I have this. How can I make this board holder I saw, I can get pipes from home depot, but where do I get the clamp that goes on to the bike frame?

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  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    maybe cut up a seatpost mounted rack ?
    just a thought !
  3. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    That's pretty cool. If you don't have a pipe bender or cutting torch to heat and bend the pipe. I'd make it out of light weight materials like conduit or PVC. But I don't know how you would attach it, plus it wouldn't be as nice as one piece bent. You would just cover it up like the photo, with pipe insulation.

    Let us know how it turns out.
  4. Seems to me you would need a tube from the bottom of the surf board holder back to the bike itself mounted somewhere down low so that the weight of the board will not tend to twist on the current mounting points...May also have to add a diagonal brace for triangulation....That would make it really sturdy....Other than that be careful when riding since your bike will be off balance (maybe you could build another rack on the other side and transport a friend's board too?)....Also, watch out for cross winds!....Good luck...Looks like it could work!

  5. Just a thought but a muffler shop could bend up some pipes for you (they can also weld)....Use small diameter exhaust pipe....NO offense to the other poster who suggested PVC but I'm not real sure I would trust plastic and glued joints....On the flip side they do make carbon fiber frames....Hmmmm...Oh...U Bolts may be an attachment option if you have a cross piece welded on running between the 2 brackets running parallel to the top tube on your bike....But keep the entire assembly from rotating on the mounting points I think a bottom brace and triangulation would still be needed.

  6. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    None taken, and I had the same thought too. I often feel like I've been riding on a mile long cattle guard, and I'm sure the PVC sticking of the side would resonate with vibration until it gives way. I definitely agree with you about triangulation and angled supports to keep it from twisting.
    I would prefer a one piece pipe.

    I talk out loud and to myself often.
  7. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Lunar ecclipse has slowed down the internetz


    I'm unable to pull up pix, try to chime in about using one of those heavy duty Wald rear basket arrangements to stablize that part of the puzzle.

    They have large twin baskets 18x7x2.5", and rear grocery baskets approx. 13x7x8.5". These could be modified/cut/hinged to provide the cradle that holds the bulk of the boards weight.

    Then the board could either be attached similar to your pix OR a "sidewise skateboard" dealio could be built, with independently spinning dolly wheels to pull behind the bike.

    Also, if the sidewise/skateboard idea is envisioned, instead of basket(s) on the rear, a rack arrangement, where the board lies flat behind the seat with 2 or 4 wheels keeping the board off the pavement would be more "wind freindly"....but the wheels have to be dolly type, not paired on an axle, to make turning easier.
  8. ibeenjammin

    ibeenjammin Guest

    Go to your local surf shop and buy some. There are about 3-4 different styles. Check Craigslist, I see them in there from time to time. To hire someone to build these for you.....$$$$. I will see if I could find any online as an example. I personally bought one used from play-it-again-sports. Mine is a trailer that can hold up to 4 boards and gear, I paid $90 for it. Hands down, the way to go.
  9. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    An MBtestimonial is worth 10 pix of something clipped off a website. Have you seen a bike haul a fridge like that Asian "working bike" in the whitezone?

    Pulling it on a trailer makes MuBeta sense.
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  10. ibeenjammin

    ibeenjammin Guest

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  11. Kncool

    Kncool Guest

    Well the thing is I dont have 90 bucks to burn, Im only 16 and is spending all of my money on school stuff right now. And Im not looking to hold a surfboard with it, just a boogie board which is about haft the size. Thanks for the input everyone, I really appreciate them. I think my best option is to find a muffler shop and ask them to bend me some pipes =D.
  12. japat100

    japat100 Guest

    wise,,, save your money for education ,become a engineer

    for now use duck tape ,$2.95 a roll good for 10 boogie board trips .29 cents a trip

    best of luck
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  13. ibeenjammin

    ibeenjammin Guest

    Check craigslist daily, you will be surprised what pops up from time to time. If you live near Huntington Beach, click on the link below. This guy is selling a old school surfboard rack that goes on the back of your bike for $10. His number is on the post, call and see if he still has it for sale. It will cost you well over $10 to have someone bend you pipes at a muffler shop as well as making your own out of PVC. If you are a "sponger" this would be an ideal setup for you. Hopefully you will ditch the sponge and get a surfboard, Christmas is right around the corner.