How do I match a new carb to my engine?


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Mar 19, 2008
South Mississippi
I have a very sneaky suspicion that my carb is leaking or something. I don't like the fuel/air adjustment either, so I'm just going to replace the whole thing.

I'd like to get a Walbro, Mikuni, or whatever... but I don't know how to match this stuff up & pick what I need. Do you think Walbro or Mikuni could help me out?

I have a 33cc Chinese 2-stroke FWIW.

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The guy I bought this from said the engine is a copy of the Tanaka 33.5cc... but Tanaka didn't make a 33.5cc as far as I can see, only Robin/Subaru.

If I were gonna change the carb, I'd need to buy a lot more stuff like the air filter & filter housing... and prolly some more stuff too. I'd prolly need to buy a performance package, but that stuff's $250.

I might just see if I can mount a Mitsubishi TLE43 in place of my current engine... I can see this Chinese engine is too much trouble as it is. What happened to quality?
with some companies its hit and miss , they buy a batch of motors who knows what kind of mood the person was in when he or she put it together , or if the buyer specified and paid for quality components . sometimes they get a bad batch lots of times they get one or two bad ones out of a 100 , i bought 6, 49cc mitsubishi knockoffs last year from a guy on ebay . everyone started , but then stoped running from overheating , another guy i found on ebay had 100 of the 49cc 's he only charged me 66.00 each they had no muffler but everyone i bought from him ran forever and had a whole lot of power , these days has a good reliable 49cc motor at a good price . i learned one thing , buy one motor ifi like it then i buy more .