How do i mod this type of pipe baffle?.

Get one of those ten buck torch kits and lay it down in a way that the flame points at the part you want to get hot. This way you don't have to stand there holding the thing for the five minutes or so that it may take to get it red hot. After that I'd bet that a large pair of vise grips would round the pipe out for you. Or as some would say,when hot,use a hammer!
Alright ile try that. One question. Would cutting the pipe in half make it run faster? because that would be easier. Like 2-4 inch's completely taking off the crimp and the second disk.

EDIT: what will rapping it with fiberglass do?. Thanks
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If it's not spot welded in the crimp, heat it cherry red and work on it from the inside with a tapered steel rod with as close to the tube ID as possible. Un-backed fiberglass pipe insulation from the hardware store would work.

Make sure you really want to do this, it should relieve back pressure but at the expense of noise, how much is anybodies guess. Also, unless you have a shop full of tools, you may need a welding shop to straighten it out.
I never thought of doing it that way kerf but your idea will work much better. You could "dolly" it and make it like new. Also loved the pipe insulation idea-perfect!!!
Just like you said, I would really think anbout cutting it. I guess it depends on where you ride but they are way too noisy as they are. Lets not forget that we are breaking the law by driving them so why yell out "LOOK AT ME"!!!
I guess I sound like an old man but I hate the back seat of a cop
I would cut it and do away with that inner baffle. If it's too loud then grab some steel wool.
It really looks like that crimp is there on purpose.
And if you really don't like the mod then bring it all back by cutting the other side then replace it with a metal tube slightly bigger in diameter. Then tap it all back with a hammer.
..HEY! Maybe you can cut that tube completly off leaving about an inch on both ends then find that tube to tap it all in!
But I would just cut it from the outermost baffle and leave just the outermost baffle in there.
The crimp is there to cause the exhaust to flow out through the holes in the baffle tube and into the expansion chamber. It then flows in the holes downstream of the crimp and out the outlet. In doing so it creates much turbulence, good for quite, bad for back pressure. Taking the crimp out, will give a straight through exhaust.
Can i just cut the pipe here and just reinstall it with the shorter baffle or will this have negative effects or wont be as efficient as straightening the crimp?.

(Part used) marks the part of the baffle that will be installed into the pipe after cut (if cut). EDITED
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Heres the pic.


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