How do I pull these studs?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by KiDD, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. KiDD

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    I am mounting the DAX 70 into my bike but the downtube is a little large. In the instructions he recommends pulling these studs and replacing them with longer ones.

    How do I do this? I really don't want to drill a hole in my frame.

  2. Double nut the stud then tighten them both down. Then when you turn the nuts together counter clockwise your stud will turn too.
    It's just screwed in there.
    I seen somewhere here where a dude got a plate with four holes. The two inside holes lined up to where the studs were and bolts were used to set the plate down in the stud holes.
    Then the two outside holes he used a "U" bolt from a muffler bracket. He put it around the large frame then tightened it down.Then to reduce vibration you can take an old inner tube and snip some of that to cushion the U bolt between the bolt and the frame.
    There are a lot of other ways this is done. Search for front mount.
    The guys here are pretty ingenious.
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    That's the correct way of doing it. Of course the incorrect way involves vise-grips, but it works.
  4. Here's the pic I was referring to:


    You can probably make that even stronger with another U bolt,larger plate,and two more holes in back.
  5. KiDD

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    What material should I use to make this? Steel right?
  6. I would assume. Aluminum wouldn't take it I wouldn't think.
  7. KiDD

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    What kind of mount is that? It has plastic going all around it.
  8. fatboy67

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    vice grips

    ya, if your not using the old studs I'd just use vice grips, because you an't worried about the thread as you are using new ones
  9. KiDD

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    the two bolt method works really well