how do I shorten the chain?

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    I am trying to fit my chain and I need to remove several links. What is the best way to do this? Do I need to buy a chain tool?

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    Easiest way would be to buy a chain breaker and be able to do it easily...

    Or go the harder route and grind off the pins and then hammer them through to free the link... not so easily done sometimes!

    Spend the ~ $10 or so and buy the chain breaker, you will use it and it will pay for itself!
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    I bought a chain breaker at Walmart for bicycle chains (cheap and looks it)
    Use small vice grips to break of the tab between the upper and lower heavier parts so your HT chain can easily fit into the area where the chain fits if necessary. Doing that won't hurt it at all. It is important to make sure the screw that does the work of pushing the pin from the chain is well lubed. One tool I bought did not come lubed.

    Take your time to make sure the pin is aligned properly. I used vice grips to push the chain pin back in ater it is shortened. That was easier for me than using the chain breaker.
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    Do your self a favour and buy a good one from sick bike parts

    I have tried the hammer and nail method as well as the wally world cheapo chainbreaker.
    It may last long enough to fix your chain.
    I have gone through many of the wallyworld BMX chain breakers.
    They are NOT made for 415 chain
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    ahh, a dremel tool with a cut off disk or a grinding disk works wonders. Just grind off one side of the pin, use a hammer and a punch to punch out the pin.
    For me, this was the fastest and easiest way to shorten a chain because i already have these tools.

    Chain breakers do work good, but like spad said, buy a high quality one from s.b.p.
    If you get a cheap one, or try to modify one for a bicycle chain, it probably won't last long.
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    My Way

    Here's what I do:

    Buy a good chain breaker.
    Place chain on the bike, with open ends above the chainstay.
    Tiewrap chain onto the seatstay and the other end to the derailleur.
    Chain should be slightly overlapped. Tiewraps hold chain in place.
    Use a good chainbreaker to install/remove and complete the chain.
    Remove tiewraps.

    Works for me.:idea:
  7. i just put the chain in a bench vice on the link you want removed and hammer and nail set. Lots of people grind off the heads first but i find most chain doesnt need to be. Also you dont have to push the pins all the way through. Just enough to breech the plate. Usually its still straight enough to reuse for extending chains. When doing that just lay the chain on a flat surface and position the plate over the link and tap it in place and finish pressing it down with the nail set. You can flip it around and fudge things straigt pretty good with a little force in the right places.
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    I use a small chisel to pop off the side plate and doing it this way you can reuse the link. Any chain breakers that I have bought have broke after a few chains If you do buy one make sure it is of good quality, don't buy cheap
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    I raced SuperKarts and the chain is a 420. I ground the tops from the pins and used a chisel between the side plate and link. Also, if you screw up, it's a good idea to have 1 or 2 of those 1/2 links(as well as a regular one) in your carry-on parts bag...What? You don't have a parts bag? LOL!!!:dunce:
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    I have 8-speeds on my shiftkit. I like Shimano's chain pins. Remove link and pin, Press in joiner pin, then snap off its head.
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