how do i tighten nuts holding rim without restricting the wheels movement?

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    I've had a few flat tires now and everytime i change my tire i try to get the nuts holding the wheel on the rim loose enough so the wheel will spin. i don't have my HT on yet but it would be dangerous to leave them as loose as i seem to have to in order to make the wheel have the play it needs to spin. the other day i lifted my bike over a log and my front wheel dropped out of the fork. when i try to tighten the nuts the wheel has so much drag its laborious to ride. is there some type of washers i can put in or spacers? I saw on a post about chain tensioners somebody put a picture of a washer with star tooth ends that they said wash good for something. idk. ideas please. i know other people have had this problem and there must be a solution because everybody isn't riding around with there wheels on as loosely as mine are or they'd be in the hospital.

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    sounds like you need to loosen the bolts holding the hub together.after you take off the nuts holding the rim onto the fork. there are two more nuts, one on each side. they need to be snug enough the axle has no play, and loose enough you are not restricting the bearings.
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    Sounds like you have a solid axle, tightening the retaining nuts on each end of the axle should have no influence on how free the wheel spins.

    The degree of play in the wheel and how free it spins is determined by a system of thin locknuts on the wheel bearings, usually cup and cone, and require adjustment with thin cone wrenches made specifically for this purpose. These are two different and independent locking systems, one holds the wheels on, the other sets the play in how the wheel spins.

    I might suggest you have someone who knows bikes go over that with you or perhaps visit a bike shop. The wheel should definitely NOT fall out when picking up the bike, it's really rather dangerous and you need to get that checked before riding it.
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