How do Iadjust the carb pin?

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    I want to take my carb apart and adjust the pin my motor is running too rich. It gets going and then makes a baaahhh sound like its drowning in fuel. Ive searched through the posts and cant find one that tells you specifically how to raise the pin. I just would appreciate some what of an explanation of what to do before I take my carb apart. Just whanna lean it out a bit.

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    If you think your running Rich, you need to move the needle clip up a grove (away from the pointy end) To do do this easily, turn both cable adjustments in (the one at the top of carb & the hand throttle) This will give you some cable slack. Unscrew the cable/carb cap, pull slide & needle out of the top of carb. Push cap & slide together until cable comes out of the bottom of the slide (this takes a little doing, every thing is small). Once you have the cable out of the slide you will have access to the needle & "horseshoe" retainer. The needle will have a C or E clip, move this up a grove (you may need small needle nose pliers). Once you do this reassemble, making sure the "horseshoe" retainer is on top of the needle (needle into slide first, then "HS" clip,spring & cable) If you have a RAW kit, DON'T look at the cab picts, THEY ARE WRONG!!! Every thing is small----so good luck----& have FUN !!!! Running to rich means the needle is coming up to much with the slide (allowing to much fuel to air mixture) Moving the clip up a grove will drop the needle to slow fuel (needle drops deeper into main jet) & allows more air to fuel mixture. How many miles do you have on the engine? And how far are you above sea level are you?
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