How do you disassemble clutch and gears of 80 cc Chinese Kit

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by kamikazi_kostka, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. I need help.

    Diagrams, Pictures, Parts List, Ect. It is the only way for me to remove my ball bearing, right now, my ball bearing is lodged somewhere in the clutch. I need help repairing it...mechanic needs diagrams.


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    The exploded view you were given in another thread are about all you should need, it shows the whole thing apart....if you take yours apart and it matches the ORDER and number of items removed, you should be able to tell it all the parts are there.
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    good luck yo ya, your gonna need it, just my opinion buy a new motor. even if you find out whats wrong good luck trying to find the part. l just ripped apart my engine cause the clutch would not engage. l couldn't even get to the part to see why it wasn't engaging. someone took my sproket off my motor and didn't take the push pin and ball bearing out before doing so. so what happened is the clutch gets stuck and doesn't push back. so in turn buy a new engine, thats what im doin.......better to have new the throw money into something old.
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    Not very cost effective, buying a new engine when the one he has is pretty new. What's with the parts availability? I though you could get parts for these things?
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    it is very hard to find any info about these engines
    the exploded views from grubee are all I have been able to find
    vendors want to sell another engine over giving out better info is my guess
    and was me that broke the other one :(
    but I will never pull another sprocket without removing the clutch pin again !!!
  6. You guys don't understand, I have less than 50 miles on this damn engine. I know the ball bearing is jammed, I can partially feel it with a screwdriver, but I can't get the gears off to get it out. It looks as though you need a screwdriver with a 1 inch wide blade to get it out. I need to know how to remove the gear so far I have the clutch cover, pushrod, and sprocket off from the other side. I have the clutch lever (the one on the engine) fully removed, and I have my carb off to make it easier to move. I need to know how to take off the gears on it (the one with like 80 teeth)...the ball bearing is lodged behind it somehow. I refuse to buy another engine for like $150 just to fix this, total bs, and I shouldn't have to replace it. Clutch is problem, engine is fine.

    Please, if anyone can tell me how you unscrew the gears to get them to come off, I would be most appreciative.
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    Have you called or e-mailed the guy you bought it from?
  8. Ya I called him today..he said he will try to find the diagrams and email them to me...he said he has never had a clutch go bad before.
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    dude, I do understand, the engine I f-ed up had approx same mileage
    I got as far into it as you, but if you can figure it out, my props to you
    I spoke to 2 diff sellers and you have as much info as I was ever able to find.
    Both told me was lost cause. So yes, I do know where you're coming from
  10. What did you end up doing? Just spending another $150 on an engine. I am out of warranty now..I ordered the kit in June..the thing is...I just basically completed it now. I am just screwed over if I need a new engine. I have 137 hours on this kit..and it sucks...but I will not put in more money...I have had to switch frames twice, and everything, and I am pissed off. I did this to have a moped, but all it has been is unreliable. It is time for me to start saving for a nice used Tomos or Puch, cause I am sick of this unreliable crap.
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    So, Kami, what did you figure out?
  12. I called the company...they are trying to find a diagram..they said they will send it once they find it...but no luck yet...and it has been 4 days...

    So that is not looking good, no one has any idea about how to take the clutch fully apart, so basically I am screwed.

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    well, you're definitely breaking new ground here, i'm sure it's driving you nuts waiting, too :x

    i hope it all works out for you :)
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    What happened to the diagram someone posted on the forums here not too long ago?

    Why can't you use that one?
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    what I don't understand were able to pedal the bike with the clutch lever pulled in, but it stopped you when you released the lever.
    that tells me your clutch was working properly. that leads me to believe your piston is stuck. since it wouldn't turn over, even with the sparkplug out.

    kamikazi_kostka quoted

    Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 6:08 pm

    "Ok...I just tried riding.

    1) With spark plug in...rode it with gasline on until 10 mph..then released clutch...rear tire and motor chain locks and skids to stop

    2) Took spark plug out...rode it with gasline until 10 mph...released clutch...rear tire and motor chain lockd and skidded to stop "

    Bikeguy Joe quoted:

    Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 5:09 pm


    "1.) Excessive carbon on the plug is from too much oil in the fuel/oil mix. That same carbon build up is on the piston too, if really excessive it could lock the piston but that would be extreme.
    2.) From what you are explaining, the problem is not with the fuel/carb/ect.

    Sounds like one of two things-the engine/piston is seized or locked up for some reason "
  17. Mechanics looked at Piston, it is fine.

    See the thing is...when clutch lever is pulled in, the metal plate is pushed out...but when I release the doesn't stay parallel and slide comes in at an angle. Let me show you a picture to better understand.


    Does that make sence? It doesn't disengage right. I called the company today, and I may have an idea of how to work the clutch off now...but I still have absolutely no idea if I can fix it...and I don't have access to the bike until Monday which stinks.

    Well any other suggestions...just let me know
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    Now we're gettin' somewhere!
    After you get it apart, look very closely at everything and find what is worn/cracked/broken/ect.

    Remember to lay everything out in it's own "exploded view" to make re-assembly easier.
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    dude....did ya get your bike running yet? :?