How do you fold a fitted sheet?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by FurryOnTheInside, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Can anyone actually do this? :confused:
    If so are you a wizard or a warlock?

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    I have a much simpler method, with two different approaches depending on your situation:

    If you have a girlfriend, just get on the phone and ask her Mum to come over and show her daughter how to fold a fitted sheet, and make sure you have a bunch of flowers ready when her Mum comes around, but not even so much as one rose petal for your girlfriend.

    If you have a wife and she is getting a bit to authoritative about your home responsibilities, just call an ex-girlfriend (who is one notch prettier than your wife) to come over and show you how to fold a fitted sheet, then tell your wife that you will take full responsibility for maintaining the bed linen whilst she is away.

    This method works every time, although there is always the risk of an unpredictable outcome.