How do you Improve reliability In h.t. engines

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by plinko, May 28, 2010.

  1. plinko

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    Wondering what steps and parts are needed to Improve reliability and longevity In a standard h.t.?In simple terms.How to get more miles outta them between rebuilds.

  2. GearNut

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    Complete engine tear down and install quality bearings through out.
    210061741 has already gone through the effort to research the bearings. He has shared their numbers with us in this thread.
    I thank him again for sharing this info with us.

    Also, run a quality pre-mix oil at the ratio suggested by the oil manufacturer, or 32-1 if none is suggested.
  3. plinko

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    I thank you for this Information.Next motor I get I will do this prior to mounting.And I have to thank him also for sharing this.Never crossed my mind the bearings could be Improved on.
  4. metal

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    I think installing a smaller rear sprocket would help also. It would run the engine at lower RPM, given the same speed.
  5. 210061741

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    Yes about the bearings and the sprocket.
    I been running a 40T which put my motor in much higher rpm band.
    Nice bottom end power but now afte approx 800 miles it's toast.

    I never had any issues running a 36T

    I did go to 30 for a wile but it seems to small.

    The engine don't pull it real well until you get going.

    Im going to start another thread about the broken engine.