Break In How do you know when to change you're fuel ratio?

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  1. OZbicycle

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    Hello :)

    I am very new to motorized bikes.

    I have got my bike running no problems.

    But then i read the forums and see (most of) the different fuel ratios. i was wondering when you know that you need to change it up.

    I have gone through half a tank of 16:1 mix.

    Regards :)

    P.S i tried the search function. no luck :(

    Edit: Also i have no idea how to tell if it is run in.

  2. velzie

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    how to change you are fuel ratio

    You haven't tried hard enough. There is a lot of information on break-in procedure and contradictory information on fuel : oil.

    people usually go by number of tanks: lower fuel : oil ratio for 2 tanks then increase fuel amount.
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  3. Fabian

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    You don't change the oil/fuel ratio away from 25:1 if doing medium serious work and you drop the oil/fuel ratio to 20:1 if working the guts out of the engine.

    If just putt-putting around the street using light throttle, you can get away with 50:1, but as soon as you start using constant periods of full throttle, you'll be well advised to drop back to 25:1

    I have had good success running 25:1 from the word "go".
  4. 074KU

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    Waaay down the bottom of that page is what I have always stuck to, except using 25:1 instead of 20:1 and have not found it to cause any issues.
  5. butterbean

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    I always ran 32:1. My ignition always went out 2 or 3 times, way before my engines ever died. If you were to ask me, the external components of these engines are the weak point, at least imho. The engine will run on 32:1, even with increased compression and a performance exhaust. With internal mods, maybe increase the ratio some. Though I see nothing wrong with 25:1 either. But the head studs will strip, the exhaust studs will come right out of the jug, the head gasket may blow, the clutch and/or pads will have problems, a lot of this way before the internals have anything wrong, provided you got a good engine from the get-go and didn't abuse it or run it way too lean and maintained it good.
  6. butre

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    I have no idea what the exact ratio I use is, I put 20 ounces to a 5.3 gallon can. It's the same ratio I run in every 2 stroke engine I've ever used, I haven't had any problems running at that ratio.