How do you mix your oil?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by 2stroker, May 18, 2012.

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    When your out riding and run outta gas how do you mix your gas? Do you eyeball it like me( i use a clear container for gas) or do you use some sort of measuring cup? Is there anyone that can look at there gas mixture and know if its to rich or lean. Or am i the only one. I know if your not using a clear container you probally do have to use a measuring device. I use a clear container and now what color the gas is when its mixed right. If you dont use a clear container then you probally should use a measuring device. Or I just grab an empty water bottle pour some into it and see if its dark enough. I dont worry if it looks a little rich but a little lean is a problem. Been doin it like that for ten years and never had a problem except one time. liquor and motorized biking do NOT mix..hehehe

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    Buy youself a little one gallon gas can for making premix. Use a plastic measuring cup to measure the oil. Some two stroke oil bottles have the extra chamber at the top for measuring, but I prefer the measuring cup.
  3. I used to mix my gas in gallon and two gallon containers now I'm a little older and have a little less free time I mixed tank by tank I use a half gallons ocean spray bottle for my fuel and I mix 40:1 unless I'm going for a long ride where all makes it a little bit more rich at 32:1. here in orange county we have a container store that has pretty much every size of container you can get I bought a 2 ounce shampoo container 80 cents 40:1 is roughly 1.6 ounces of oil per half gallon so when I am ready to fill up I just go to the gas station dump my preset oil into my ocean spray container and fill up done and done I never have to worry about gas going bad or caring extra gas on me just 1 to 2 of these little bottles will get me all over the city.

    here's a side note before I get ripped apart for using a non standard gas tank I'm fully aware and I don't care I've had police comment on my bike and I jokingly tell them that it runs on ocean spray they laughed and asked me to fire it up.