How do you re-adjust clutch lever? I removed the cover....

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by kamikazi_kostka, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. the was won't start...

    I took off the entire clutch assembly, and am trying to redo it...I have tried with the lever in numerous spots...but I can never get the lever right. Everytime I push on the pushes the metal (where the cover is screwed in away from it.)

    I am 80% sure my issue is a clutch doesn't disengage right...

    I can't even re-hook it up like I had before...Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

    Give a picture?

    I am also there a ball bearing inside the clutch lever too..or just that short 1" long cylinder?

    I re-greased it and put it in...but when I push with my thumb on it...(pushing it in) does nothing.

    I am wondering if I lost a bearing?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...I want this to work.


  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    this pic is from grubee site it is the only reference I have found[​IMG]
  3. srdavo

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    yes...there is a ball bearing in there too.


    here's the link to grubee's install manual. look at skyhawk instructions.
    it might help .

    keep us posted . we want to help!
  4. when I removed the center metal ball bearing in there...not anything loose as far as I could tell...I even turned bike on 45 degree angle..and nothing came out.

    Basically...I got the clutch plate on...bought a new clutch cable...put lube on the center cylinder inside clutch assembly...and now the clutch lever works really well ect.

    I have the gear cover off as well. Right now...when the lever is pulled in..the inside of the gear spins....when I pull the clutch lever locks. I try pedaling...but it doesn't have compression like usual...just locks.

    I also tried riding it with gearbox off. I noticed that when I peddle...the big gear wobbles from side to side a little bit. Is this supposed to happen?

    I don't understand...I mean..I guess the piston could be seized...but still not likely after one month of could I tell if piston is seized? How do I know if it is clutching issue?

    My guess is something blocked in the center clutch..not the lever area..or the gear area...but inbetween..something is when doesn't disengage right...and the thing won't catch...that is my guess.

    Thanks for any help,
  5. azbill

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    is it possible that the ball bearing is there but jammed, causing it to be locked up?
  6. Possible...I didn't see it though...I don't get how it could be jammed. But that would explain it.

    See if I hold in clutch lever..I can peddle fine..when released...lever goes back...and chain locks..not able to peddle...what could be causing this locking? Gears are lined up....I just really need this fixed.
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    Take it to a motorcycle shop...
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    take the clutch cover and gear cover off, spin the clutch around, where the gears are. spin and tilt the engine at the same time and the ball bearing should come out. this happen to me when l broke off all four motor mount bolts. l now have to use 2 ball bearings and a shorter clutch pin, it all works and hope this helps
  9. can you please give me a link to the exact page with this well as a part reference. A Local Mechanic/Shop Teacher who works with Small Engines is helping me take it apart to fix, he wants a listing of what each individual part is. Like what Part #1, #2, #3...ect. means.

    If you could give me the exact link I would be most appreciative.

  10. azbill

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  11. I did...and I have been there. It gives me the diagrams, I had those from before. I just want a list of all the parts.

    Like #26 = Pushrod
    #24 = Ball Bearing

    I would like a list for all parts, so when I take it apart, I know what I am looking for.

    And does anyone know how to take off the gears, I haven't figured it out..I removed all the stuff underneath on the chain side...and I removed the spring loaded clutch system, but I don't know how to remove gears.

    Any help would be appreciated
  12. machiasmort

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    I'm pretty sure these numbers match??? Please look it over guy's!!!
    I can't post the picture for some reason??? Somebody should post it if they can, so it's all on one page!

    1) Clutch Plate Retaining Nut 16) Adjusting Nut 30) M6 Nut
    1a) Set Screw for plate nut 17) Clutch Spring 31-39) Clutch Cable Kit
    2) Clutch Plate 18) Mandrel 40-47) Clutch Handle Assembly
    3) Coil Spring 19) Carter Key Way
    6) Ball Bearing Race 20) Drive Shaft
    7) Ball Bearings 22) Ferrule
    8) Friction Pad 23) Drive Sprocket / Chain Wheel
    9) Ring Gear 24) DIA 8 Steal Ball
    10) M14 Nut 25) Cam Pin
    11) M14 Lock Washer 26) Bucking Bar
    12) Fixed Pin 27) Cam Shaft
    13) Clutch Base 28) Clutch lever linkage
    15) Crank Shaft Ball Bearing 29) M6 Flat Washer
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    don't know if it will work