How do you remove chrome?

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  1. Sgt. Howard

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    ... Assuming you do not want a chrome fender or chain guard? Acid? Wire brush on a grinder? Full automatic fire? Mind you, I do not want to trash the metal itself. Or..... is there a way to paint over chrome that will hold?

  2. zippinaround

    zippinaround Active Member

    sandblast it with fine sand should be able to prime and paint it then.
  3. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    un chrome plate it!


    mild acid solution and youll have to refer to a book for the polarity in plating...then reverse it so chrome dissolves ;)

    sandblast the stuff and paint will stick like :poop: to a blanket :)
  4. butterbean

    butterbean Well-Known Member

    self-etching primer will make the surface of whatever you paint slightly rough, allowing paint to stick to it.
  5. Racie35

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    Most media blasting will bounce off chrome.. Its not easy
  6. zippinaround

    zippinaround Active Member

    just need to get a key for paint don't really need to remove it. I worked as a sandblaster for 8 years and blasted a lot of chrome in that time! aluminium silicate should do the job or even used copper slag don't use heavy grit on it or it will cause deep chips !
  7. SuedePflow

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    I used an 80-grit flap disc and it worked great. And the primer coat covered any and all abrasion marks from the flap disc.

  8. V 35

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    Some years ago, a friend painted the center of his hubcaps with Outboard Motor Primer . Other than a mild cleaning, the chrome sparkled before applying primer. The stuff lasted at least 10 years. OMC made the primer, it was an Army Green Color, Satin Finish . I say OK to scuffing bad chrome, but it's a '[ sin ' to scuff up good chrome, in case you tire of the color.