how do you shorten the clutch cable



just wandering how you guys shorten yours i broke the last one because i just bent the cable made through two tanks of gas before it snapped have to cut the sheath down some
Extract the center wire from the coil sheath and cut the sheath with a dremel cutting disc for looks or wire cutters. Reinsert the wire and cut to length.
thanks i thought of wire cuters was just afraid of messing something up
if you do that, wont the individual strands uncoil from each other and spring apart? when i cut the sheath, i accidentally cut 2 of the strands to my choke cable and they turned into a "hairball" the got stuck in the sheathing until they came out the other and and by then the looked more luke steel wool
Good quality sharp wire cutters will not fray out the inner wire. One or 2 strands may pop out of place, but you can twist them back into place. I have used 6" cutters from Sears for years and not one problem.
How I shorten the cable/housing. Cut the housing to length with cutters or Klines. When ready to cut cable I take a set of wire cutters or Kleins, insert the cable to where I want it cut. Place the cutters on my vise and strike the cutter head sharply. This will enable you to cut ALL the strands at one time. Although others can't I take my gas torch and melt and file the tip of the cable.
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Dear Sir-They're not cheap, but a good pair of bicycle cable cutters/crimpers are well worth the $. After cutting, crimp a cap on the end. You can buy these (and a quality pair of Park Tools cutter/crimpers), at better bike shops.-Gearhead