how do you start/ stop the engine on a rack mount system?



Off Topic, But Good Point!

I have a $900 bill due now, so I send it, then the rebate comes, and I net maybe $300 scoots, and turnaround and send it to pay tax on the rebate. How charmingly fargin' efficient.

Never get a bike outta that one - Bollocks!
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I cashed an old EE bond to buy my motor and kit. That was money I had lent to the Govt. They gave me some interest for doing that. They charged me tax on that interest. They are going to rebate back to me some of that tax. I will have to pay tax on the rebate which I will use to pay my taxes. How in H*** does THAT help the economy. Tons of paperwork and all they would have to have done was take whatever they are going to pay me right off of the top of the taxes I have to pay. In WA. state they told us to not drive to save gas. So we did just that. I did my share by buying a motored bike. Now the great governor of the state of washington wants to raise the gas tax 5 cents a gallon because she lost revenue when we lowered our gas consumption! Soon we will have a new president and we will be angry because the last one only showed signs of PMS once every 2 months! I'm going to go ride my bike which I start (back to O.T.) by pulling the **** rope!
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May 21, 2008
getting in shape

Some want to help the engine and stay in shape and others want more help from the engine and could care less about their shape. :D:DHey "round" is a shape:D:D:D

Large Filipino

I'm glad you bumped this thread,revelstone because were always comparing apples to oranges when it comes to kits.
And it really just boils down to preferences.
I bet those GEBE kits run smooth smooth smooth with the belt taking a lot of the vibrations and what not.
I like my kit,though. It works for me.
Plenty smooth enough as far as I'm concerned.
Apples and oranges.
I think this is a good thread.


thanks for bumping.
Gebe looks like a nice kit for certain types of riders but here in the hills and dirt chain drive and torque are king! The I would use a Gebe on a light frame as a track racer.

As for the topic, I stop my xr75 with the staton kill switch wired into the motor, and i still have the stock kill button on the mitsu hooked up and in place. Was thinking about how to wire up a key for S&G's.
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