How does a Boost Bottle work?

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  1. asa newbe to motored bikes, would some one please tell me, how the boost bottle works. if it is not nox:???:
    the only two cycle motors i have worked on before were detroit deisels with a turbo supercharger set up. thers a little difrance between the two.

  2. Boost bottles are funny things, some say they work, some don't, its job is apparently to stop fuel/air mix from passing the main jet twice.
    When the motor is off pulse (more typical with a piston port timed motor than a reed motor) it will push some fuel back through the carb and cause a over rich condition accross the main jet.
    Heaps of info on the net, do a google search, heres one link
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    Has anybody used a Briggs and stratton butterfly valve carb or pull valve carb on a grubee kit? (like the 3.5 or 4.5 horse lawnmower carb esp with auto choke, or the 2.5 edger carb with slide choke)
  5. The place that sells the boost bottle, boost you money from your pocket,just send me the money and i'll tell you that your bike is faster.

    We all know that the gas/oil blow back will go out the intake threw the filter and not up a tiny hole on the top of intake into a boost bottle and out again.
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    If there is such a thing in the m.b. world as snake oil...a boost bottle would be it.
    reminds me of the guys in the old west with their travellin' medicine wagons.
    "sure it me".
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    I bought one... let me say first hand. THEY DO NOT WORK!!!!

    I tried for about a day in every possible configuration and couldnt get anything but less performance. It made my engine run like cr@p.

    Save your money...
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    I'm inclined to think that it can work and very well, depending on whether you tune the carb after installation, and whether there is enough vaccuum during engine operation to make the bottle resonate (draw in fluid).

    If it made your engine "run like ****" I bet you either a. blocked or interfered with the intake very substantially (choking the engine all the time), or b. did not adjust the carb that was wasting a little gas, therefore flooding the engine after installation.

    If you thread something or weld something deep into the intake tube, esp near the engine or the back of the carb (the stock tubes are short!), you will choke the life out of the engine.

    If you just extended the "manifold" for the intake (maybe by a longer tube, or adding a rubber hose and a plastic/metal tube) by a few inches, it would probably make a huge difference, and by changing the length or the bend, you could probably nurture a "sweet spot" on the engine's RPM range.

    I'm going to try making a boost bottle from a NOS energy drink bottle. I need a spare intake tube though.
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    bob to forum

    they do work if you have enough info to set up for them properly
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    Yeah right... "sweet spot" my foot. If a longer intake Mani makes all The difference, then why does boost bottle industries sell a pre threaded intake tube that is exactly the same as the stock tube? You would think they would know best on how to make their product work... And offer the so called "sweet spot" tube to people willing to pay for it. How did that nos drink boost bottle work out???

    Bob... If you can make on of these things work, then prove it. Install one in working condition and post a vid. If not stop telling people "they work, you just need more info".... Because tO the best of my knowledge nobody reputable has made one work. This is the second thread you mention this within your first two posts, very strange for a noob to promo a specific failed product twice in their first two posts. They usually ask a question like "what engine should I get, or my clutch/carb doesn't work". Do you work for boost bottle industries or something?

    For everybody else... IF you think you can make it work, i have one sitting in my garage right now, pay for shipping and it's yours. You can get more performance for less money by milling your head down with some files and sandpaper.
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    i'm telling you, for me it do not work!
    i put one on my 50 c.c. 2 stroke, and i threaded the fitting into the back of a high flow air filter (because my engine does not have the intake tube).
    it made no difference at all in how my engine ran.
    there was evidence of fuel in the tube going to the boost bottle, so fuel was getting blown back into it. and the inside of the bottle had fuel in it when i took it off.
    but as for it working?
    i didn't gain or lose anything other than the $$ that i paid for it.
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    They do work! They lighten the load in your wallet causing you to go faster.
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    I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers out there, boost bottles do work in the proper application, You wanted proof look at any of the Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki,Ktm or Honda dirt bikes they all have them, and they don,t even charge you anything extra when you buy one of their bikes. It would take a whole chapter in a book to explain how to make one work proper, and a whole lot of very technical equipment to do the job. You would need a strobe light and a strobe counter to count the reverse impulses coming out of the Carb. It would be in Milliseconds,you have to know the piston speed which is controled by the length of the stroke.and the whole mess has to do with the in coming air running into the reversion pulse and that is exactly where the boost bottle entrance has to be. they put a length of glass tube in the intake so they can see right where that collision happens. If you think I'am full of hot air look up Bill Cudney racing on the net and give them a call, they are out of Canada, ask them if they know me and if I know 2 strokes, I raced against them many times years ago and they never beat me. my name is Bob Ganger, talk to the dad not the son he was to young to remember me.

    Feel free to call me
    Bob Ganger 734 761 4998
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    I agree that they can work, but it is probably much more calculable and noticeable on a higher CC engine which is aggressively ridden.

    If you run the tube to the air filter, its not going to have any effect on the engine. If it runs to the inlet tube, but the boost tube is too restrictive, it will effect the ability to "pulse" with the engine, and may render it ineffective or detrimental.

    I think it might be a better idea just to have a reed valve setup. Don't many dirtbikes already have carburetors or fuel injection throttle body systems that incorporate reed valves?
  15. happycheapskate

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    I think something more practical for a mb engine would be a collector/resonator between carb and engine, called a "juice box" for pocketbike engines.

    Hello, give me vtec. I have not tried it on my bike yet.

    I think the boost bottle can work, but I bet most of what is sold for Mb's is basically a fashion accessory, including the stock-style inlet tubes with the little brass fitting added.

    If you still have it though, I may be interested, because I am experimenting with running the happytime on propane.

    If this is the product you have, I would like the intake tube especially. How much are you asking for S&H, then, to Dallas TX?
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    I don't know... 10 or 15 bucks should cover it. I will send the intake Mani with it if you want. Pm me with your address and I will give you my paypal address to send the money to. My only request for the bottle is that you post a video in this thread of the bike running so that we can all see how crappy they work... You can be the non-biased tester and put this whole thing to rest.

    Do you want me to Post a pic of the bottle?
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    I use boost bottles on all my bikes and they do work. I find the idle is alot better and mid to top end performance is very much increased
  18. happycheapskate

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    G M Vtec, I have a stock center fire 50cc Grubee/HT, with the stock NT carb and square filter box, common stuff.

    I'll have it, and I have a digital camcorder. I do not know how to make youtube videos yet, though.

    I think it will be fun to hook it up and try it. I agree to be a "non biased tester", because I'm not making anything off it. If it sucks, I will try to adjust it or change the hoses, I even have 2 carbs to try. But if that individual setup doesn't work, I'm only out $15, and can use the air manifold for the propane experiments later.

    I'll send a PM. Thanks.

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  20. happycheapskate

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    Lot of armchair quarterbacks here. Did you try one? Was your motor broken in properly? Did you adjust the carburetor after installation?