How does the clutch work?

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  1. KiDD

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    When the clutch lever is out it is engaged or disengaged?

    When I pull the clutch lever it's suppose to disengage the clutch right?

    How do I get it to push the clutch lever out when I PULL the clutch handle in?

    Can someone please post some detailed pictures?

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    I made this up for you. I hope it helps. If not, reply again.

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    sorry if I seem retarded, can I get a clutch in and a clutch out picture?
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    First off since you can spell retarded I know your not.
    Second off if you were, id still love ya brother.:cool:

    Ok. Give these a try instead. graucho.

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  5. bluegoatwoods

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    Does this help, KiDD?

    you're sitting in the rider's position looking down. When you squeeze the clutch handle with your left hand that lever is supposed to move to your RIGHT. This is the dis-engaged position. (no drive)

    When you let the clutch handle go that lever should move to your left. This is the engaged position. (you now have drive)

    The cable pulls that lever and the lever moves back toward the left when the cable is no longer pulling.
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    quick one

    Hi gaucho hey i know this thread is to be about clutches,,, But I couldn't help noticing you handle grips I want to have a set just like it.
    Are they hard to change?? Are they motor bike or bicycle??
    Thanks Fatboy67
  7. KiDD

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    I understand now! Thank you very much graucho!