How Does the GEBE System Work?

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by smapadatha, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. augidog

    augidog New Member

    i spoke too quickly (so, what else is new?)

    and i have to agree...i've never wanted to, and altho you can, i shouldn't have advised it.

    once the engine's at idle, the clutch is disengaged. personally, i kill the engine & pedal with the belt engaged quite often...even with a single-speed coaster, i have no problem pedaling.

  2. jacliny

    jacliny New Member

    i agree, there's no real reason to disengauge the belt, and the engine will not turn over while pedaling, the centrifical clutch takes care of that, if the engine is not running it will not engage at peddling speeds. Not really sure what would happen if you could peddle at 30 or 40 mph though.
  3. TWalker

    TWalker Guest

    Ok I see, same old centrifugal clutch problem for me, I have to slow down before it disengages. I own some of these and I always look for way around it (Staton freewheel I guess if I want to add an extra ten LBS and do away with me rear disk).

    I would really like to come over the top of a big hill and coast like the wind without slowing way down first.

    I guess a manual clutch would be best for me if there is such a thing on these rack mounts.

    I'm picky...the search goes on.
  4. pumpbuilder

    pumpbuilder Member

    There is a manual, disengage on the fly unit that weigh's in at about 11 or 12 lbs,[Total kit weight engine and all.] if I remember the weight correctly. Its what I have used since 92', the Dimension Edge Encore is the model. It does just what you want, has no clutch or belt to go wrong. Your gonna love it.
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  5. TWalker

    TWalker Guest

    Ya they look nice but I just cant see going friction on my terrain. I have a Staton friction and you cant beat it for certain things like flats but.....I would like to test one out though.

  6. pumpbuilder

    pumpbuilder Member

    Well as far as terrain goes I used to have an 1.5 mile hill right behind my house that would vary from 4% to 8% grade. On this bike with me weighing about 185 it would pull me up engine only from 5-10 mph as long as I was doing about 10 thru the turn at the base and got it up to about 20 before the steep started, about 1 block so IDK about any issues with hills that you have with the Stanton, the DE is a different design. I can't compare it to Stanton since I have only used DE's for 17 years. Currently on my 4th and the others were all running when I gave them away. This one, Encore 43cc I bought the month before the the last space shuttle crashed so I guess its six years old.
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  7. TWalker

    TWalker Guest

    What is so different about the DE? I'm interested but never liked thier site so didnt pay much attention. What is the difference with thier rollers?

    About how many tires do you go through? Your welcome to post or PM me.
  8. pumpbuilder

    pumpbuilder Member

    The Differance

    The main difference as I see it is how the system engages the tire. The stanton friction type uses a frame that had been around for decades where by you use some sort of locking mechanisum to "affix" the drive system with preasure onto the tire. This makes it a rigid system and more difficult to balance preformance with changing road conditions. It is also why I think you hear about bearing complaints with the other friction drive systems.

    The DE friction drive "floats" on the tire with a self adjusting tensioning device that keeps the proper amount of preasure on the tire w/o overdoing it. I think it is much like a "self tensioning" belt system for keeping belt riders from shedding belts.

    Roller wise he has three options, wood ones that you can get from him or he will explain how to make your own, Eurathane for a cool look [what I use], and an "all weather" one that will raise the tire wear a lot but works in rain, snow, and mud. The other guys use that knurled metal one that I have seen get hot enough to melt cheap buytle tires.

    Tire wear. If you use knobby tires they get smooth fast, lol. If you buy "blue light specials" that are not real rubber they wear out fast. I have always used "police or Trick Bike" tires that are high preassure rated and with a road tread. They need to be made from real genuine rubber just like an auto tire. Anymore as I don't ride as much one tire lasts a year or two, at worst I went thru 2 tires a year but I buy my tires from Rob at DE, call him and ask him how many miles he thinks you should get based on how you want to drive it.

    He does his own web design, I hear from a lot of guys here it seems they don't like his page. Call him and tell him what you like about others page's.

    So in a nutshell besides an engine and that its friction drive it is completly different from the other's on the market. All of the mounting stuff he makes himself and he uses higher quality and where torqe is applied larger diameter parts. For folks that use centrifical clutchs, [ I don't.], he even makes them in house. Frankly with his system you don't need a clutch but he offers a better one for folks that "insist" on being like everyone elses.

    Like you I want zero drag when pedaling and when I want my engine I want it now without stopping or doing gymnastics on a moving bicycle.
  9. pumpbuilder

    pumpbuilder Member

    One other note about drive rollers. If your using a dry road one and it rains if you carry the wet/slippery road one with you it can be swapped out in about 1 or 2 minites.
  10. augidog

    augidog New Member

    pumpbuilder, you sure know yer friction-drive...

    seems to me you could do a new-topic called "How Does the DE System Work?"...i'm sure it would be welcome ;)
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  11. TWalker

    TWalker Guest

    Yea good info. The DE always looked like the best friction system. I will definitely consider it for its light weight and special options.
  12. pumpbuilder

    pumpbuilder Member

    Thanks. Friction drive is all I've ever really used beside's some quick spins on some chains and belts. I'm really trying to get Rob to do the post on it but he is always too busy building kits and as he puts it to me the other day, "if nobody is asking questions about how to run them then my guide that comes with them must be good enough."

    Frankly I think he is missing out on sales by not having something here but on the other hand I guess he stays busy enough, lol.

    Its a good idea, I will see if a moderator wants me to and will make it a sticky like this then I will, otherwise its a lotta work and gets buried.
  13. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    Frame Clearance

    I have a Schwinn Surbuban that's about 5 or 6 years old. I just measured out about 8" verticaly from the center of the rear axle, and from that point, I have less than an inch horizontaly from tangent point on spoke to tangent point on bike frame. I don't think the frame can be bent out far enough to accomedate the 1.5 inches from the width of the drive wheel. So...if I want to install one of these kits, what are my options short of buying a new bike ?
    Thanks !
  14. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Hey PChop,

    Short of taking a picture of that rear part of the frame, what tire size is on the Suburban? Or can you find a link with a picture of the frame?

    If it's thin tires, (I just saw a Schwinn a guy wanted to convert yesterday, and could see right off the bat there were troubles).

    Are you buying a GEBE wheel or getting your own 12 gauge from a bikeshop?
  15. AndyT

    AndyT Member

    Very Satisfied With My GEBE Setup

    After having a few minor hiccups, I can finally say that my GEBE is working to perfection!

    I had some rear wheel and drive ring issues that were resolved by ordering a wheel from GEBE with the drive ring installed. I highly recommend that any new kit purchaser pop for the 105ga rear wheel. It's worth the investment.

    I had some belt tracking issues that were fixed by carefully aligning the drive gear (the one on the clutch assy) per GEBE's instructions. I used some thin washers as spacers and that did the trick. The belt wanders some, which is normal, so you may have to take a few stabs at it to get it right.

    I recommend that you start with a good quality bike. I used a moderately priced Novara Metro that I picked up on sale. A cheap bike could put you in danger when cruising at nearly 30mph.

    Other than keeping after normal maintenance my bike is trouble free, and is running like a champ! Best of all it's quiet (no noisy chain), clean (no chain lube mess) and a blast to ride.
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  16. I just talked to GEBE and the same 105ga spoke rear wheel as they sell for rim brakes is now available with a disc brake hub.
  17. AndyT

    AndyT Member

    How kewl is that?
  18. malibu11731

    malibu11731 New Member


    Listen I don't know the first thing about gebe or whatever this new kit is, but I don't think the guys plan was to advertise, I think that he has a back door into the company for whatever reason and he is offering us this as a service to help those who have the kit. Cut the guy a break, I read the add more as an invitation to ask for help as opposed to an advertisment. I had never even heard of this company now I have and for me that has much more benifit than accusing the guy of advertising. Its not his company and I highly doubt that he is getting a cut of any sales. He is just getting out information to those of us that can use it.
  19. augidog

    augidog New Member

    hi malibu11731 :)

    this topic was given a "sticky" because it truly is an un-affliated un-solicited MBc-Member contribution, and a darn good one it is, eh?

    the Golden Eagle drive isn't new by a long shot, but it's cool you've discovered it...for the "assist-kit" purist there's none better imo.

    Den's MB experience:
    also of note is that GEBE is the first & therefore longest standing the moment, i don't believe anyone active on the board has any financial stake in promoting GEBE, but you'll notice that most folks who have one around here are always happy to help good people (who become good friends) who offer good products...

  20. Tanaka40

    Tanaka40 Member

    I also purchased the rear wheel (w/105 g spokes) with my kit because the ring gear was professionally installed, hence cutting the installation time down to less that one hour. Very nice staff . Oh BTW , I did not buy the engine from them,and they still gave me top service. I am not promoting them, just passing along my experience with them.