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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Tommy Griffin, May 29, 2016.

  1. Tommy Griffin

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    I put the chain tensioner on different than most ! I'm gonna change the muffler because I don't like his one and I want one with more power . I need to cut the fender off in the back because it won't clear the chain . I still haven't decided how to tie down the lines . All I have to do now is get some m5 screws and nuts for my throttle ... If you like it or if you hate it tell me I want everyone's opinion , I will not get angry ... Lol

  2. Steve Best

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    Tensioner needs to go on the bottom.
    Top chain is the "pull" strand with all the tension on it. Will soon wear out the idler.

    Carb needs to be level.

    Some engines work better with the plug to the rear.

    Trim the edge of the fender to clear your chain.
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  3. crassius

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    seen it done that way and also under the bottom run - can be a problem due to the amount of force on the top run of the chain causing slippage of the bolt holding the roller and wear on roller itself - pushing down under the bottom run doesn't have this problem, but can snag in tall grass on rare occasions
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  4. Tommy Griffin

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    When I do the chain that way the top chain catches the other . What do you mean about carb being level ? And do what to the engine ??
  5. Steve Best

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    Top chain needs to be straight between the sprockets.
    It has all the tension for the engine's power.
    An idler on the top chain will be subjected to a lot of load and will increase friction power losses.
    Shorten the chain as short as you can get away with before you put the tension idler on it so the two don't touch.

    The carb has to be level or the float will not work right.
    You need to level the motor or bend the intake so the carb sits level.

    I found from testing that the engine works better with the plug to the rear. Others have not had a problem with this.
    If your engine gets hot, makes a popping sound, or blows the head gasket, you might get better results with the cylinder head turned 180 degrees so the sparkplug faces to the rear. Minor concern, try running it first.

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  6. crassius

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    rare that chain isn't too long for most bikes - one should cut links until it has a bit less slack
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    Or you could try and get lucky like I have and not run any tensioner
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