How exactly do I modify my exaust? Is it worth it?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by StrontiumEthics, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. StrontiumEthics

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    How exactly do I modify my exaust?, how many holes do I have to put in the baffle? If all this work the extra power? If possible a link can be more resourcful. I didnt really understand Zbox that much, and want to verify, and get a second opinion on this.

  2. fetor56

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    It's worth it...takes about 10 mins to drill one 6mm hole(2 holes at the most) and gives a noticeable performance boost that lasts the entire lifetime of the engine/engines.Don't cut the baffle off completely or it'll be too loud.
  3. hill climber

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    if you really want to feel the differance get an expantion chamber
  4. Bronzebird

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    I drilled 4 holes per flat baffle and it is loud, cars hear me, and the noise is behind me. Throttle response to rear tire is very notice able. 15 mph to 25mph in five seconds? It is worth it from a safety aspect to clear or avoid an accident or climb a hill!!
  5. Buzzter

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    Does someone have a picture of exactly where on the pipe to drill the hole?
  6. Bronzebird

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    Remove the two screws at the bottom of the exhaust pipe and the baffle will come out. My chrome tube was dented during shipping and made a tight spot for the top baffle. After examining the design of the twisted center tube and the holes on the center tube. I just shook my head at the kink/pinch in the middle of the tube. Any way, less back pressure is achieved by drilling into the round flat baffles. I reccomend one hole per baffle and use a small drill bit. You can always go bigger. I used a quarter inch bit and drilled 4 holes per baffle. I used a vertical drill press and clamped the baffle in a wood vise.
    Be safe using a hand drill as the bit will easily wander or slip off and become dangerous.
  7. Buzzter

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    took the 2 screws out and doesn't want to come out or loosen. Does it matter where on the exhaust that the holes are drilled? Pictures are worth a 1000 words.
  8. Bronzebird

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    Yes you need to see if the chrome is dented on the outer tube. (mine was)
    Required some wiggling and down comes the inside baffles. It does matter where the holes are drilled because of spark arrest and just for looks. The upper baffle inside is the first baffle that restricts exhaust. So thats why you need to drop the baffle.
    I ended up putting screws in all my drilled out baffles. And left only two quarter inch holes on the upper baffle open. The reason is because of the noise and do not want to give the cops a reason to pull me over. I'm trying to not have the "Outlaw" image in case I go to court one of these days to fight a citation for riding the MB. My argument is the electric bikes are considered bicycles with a 20MPH limit.
    If you drill one inch from top of fat chrome tube that will let the pressure out of the top baffle. However, consider the direction of oil spittle? It will blow back on the engine and you!
    Stick a large metal lever inside the pipe for added leverage to get the baffle out. It will flare the end of the exhaust outlet, may split the little outlet tube. Also consider running the bike up and down the block waiting for the baffle to work loose. Should be able to noitce the baffle working loose and hear the increased noise. I put M4 allen head screws, lockwasher, and nylock nut to seal the deal. Some say nylock will melt but I do not think it will. Just two dollars for allen screw kit from Lowes.