Clutch how exactly does the clutch work?



I'm real new to this but does squeezing the clutch in engage the motor or does letting it out engage the motor. I figure it's like a motorcycle where when you squeeze the clutch, the motor disengages.
yes, when you squeeze the clutch it dis-engages
letting go of it engages
so, to start, you pedal while holding clutch, get a little momentum and let go of clutch, a little gas and away you go
That's what I thought. Anyhoo, things are starting to fall into place with my project. Got the sporty tank lined up and will order the engine tomorrow from live fast motors. It's the only one I've found with a pull start.
aha !!! going centrifugal clutch :D
am waiting for the new 4stroke kit till I go that way 8)
but... doesn't that mean that you won't have a clutch lever? :?
I know and that's cool. I'm mainly going for the pull start out sheer laziness and I aslo think that it'll clean up the way the bike looks. Thinking of using a hand brake instead of the coaster also.