How far should I go during the first tank?


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Apr 30, 2008
Boynton Beach, Fl
Hi All,
Well, day 3 of running the bike. I probably now have about 15-18 miles on it, and it seems to be running great. I'm running it a hair richer than the 4.5 turns open setting (maybe 4.75 turns?), and it doesn't seem to bog down at full throttle and idles really well.

I put the tensioner on yesterday, and it seems to have smoothed things out a I ventured to the Super Target - maybe 3-4 miles each way and I rode at 1/2-3/4 throttle (varying). Everything went great...

So now my question is: how far do I dare venture out during this break in tank? I'm thinking about taking a 20 mile round trip ride...with a stop at the halfway point.

Just don't want to damage the new motor...but then again, this is what the motor is for, right??

Anyway, I'd like to hear your opinions...

That screw just does your idle speed.

How far you go is how far you dare; if you have a cellphone and understanding (or at least tolerating) source of remote support a 20 mile jaunt sounds fun.

This will break you in, as well, to the world of vibrations or other unforseen effects on your body.
Well, it made it just A$$ is sore! I wish I could have mounted the motor properly on my Schwinn Clear Creek - which has front shocks and a seatpost shock, and made for a comfy ride!

I did, however, steal the seatpost from it, and also got the extra wide and cushy Schwinn it was much better than yesterday for sure. I'm thinking my butt was sore from using hard seats, so I'm not going to do anything else just yet... I think maybe I'll end up selling this one to a friend, and then I'll get Dax's 4-stroke and rack-mount it on the comfort bike...but no rush -- I'm having fun!

All in all, I'M HOOKED! It was fun...everyone who saw me on it either smiled at me, or if I was stopped, had a ton of questions.

I cruised most of the way doing about 20...stretches at 24-25 max, and other stretches of straight road at 15-17... I think I have the motor a bit "fat" with at the slower speed it's not "on the pipe"...that's fine for break in, I think. It will certainly go faster if I hold it at full throttle, (Let off at 30mph) but I think I'm over-revving, and it's fast enough for a bike with no suspension and skinny spokes.

On my carb, there's only 1 screw and it has a spring on it, so I'm guessing that's the mixture...we adjusted the idle by turning the big thumbscrew on the top, where the cable goes in. If you look at previous posts asking about how far the throttle should turn, and I was only getting about 1/4", it was because I had that unscrewed too was almost stuck in full throttle....turning that down, my idle got nice and slow, and I now have a decent range that the throttle turns now - 1/2-3/4" I guess. Now, in some of the docs I found on the web at a few different sites, they refer to the mixture as being next to the primer button, but I have nothing like that.

Look at the pix...tell me if I'm using a different carb, please...or maybe I'm just blind and dumb. ;)

My only complaint at this point is the noisy chain guard! MY chain seems tensioned pretty well, but it's clanking while I ride...any suggestions before I pull it off?

OK, happy Mother's day to all the moms out there!
Mark the screw with the spring on it is NOT the mixture screw. There is NO mixture screw. The only adjustment for mixture is inside the carb, moving the clip on the needle up or down the four notches on the needle. The screw with the spring on it is the idle adjustment. The adjustment on the top where the cable goes in the carb is to adjust the throttle cable should be just barely loose IMO. Glad its working out for you...That is the problem with those tensioners they dont really keep the chain taut, more or less used to keep chain inline and away from frame.........
To chime in about your seat,in my experience I was never happy with my happy time seat mods until I did my tractor seat install on MOOP.
Today I'm gonna bring my handlebars back by flipping my gooseneck for it's currently too far forward and is hurting my back but that seat is comfy.
On Cronus,my 4 stroke Titan rack mount Schwinn,the stock seat is springy and plenty comfortable for the bike is smooth as it is. So no changes there.
Things will happen as you venture further like flat tires and mounts that fall off so always bring a good road kit with you. Basically every tool you have used on your bike should go in there along with a small hand pump and an inner tube. I also bring a chain breaker with me.
I've had so far,flat tire,snapped chain,motor mounts falling off,bent rims.
Come prepared and your experience will be less trauma.
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The "ghetto" thing about adjusting idle with the cable length is the inner cable is not always exactly the same relative length as the outer cable due to heat expansion etc so you could get some variance or even danger from unexpected accelleration. When you use the screw to set the idle it rather precisely stops and holds the little round plunger that functions as the throttle in the same place every time.

It seems contrarian to not use a feature included in the kit (and there are few unneccessary parts) but I set my idle so low it sometimes stalls. I consider it my "dead man switch" if I let off the throttle. There is, IMO, no need to idle it anyway; the clutch won't let you go from a dead stop so I just pedal and restart it after every intersection. I kill it or let it die as I coast down to a stop; reminds me of how a prius behaves, and, shoot, my pedal + gas is a hybrid system too. :D
Large - can you point me to the thread about Cronus?
One of my employees likes my bike so much, that I may sell it and upgrade to a 4-banger...wanted to know who you bought yours from, and how you like it now that you've put some miles on it.

My butt is STILL sore from my 20 mile ride yesterday... ;)

I have a happy time 2 stroke as well. MOOP is his name.
The engine kit is a TITAN rack mount designed by Duane at ThatsDax. Click on the sponsor link on the left.
It's thus far given me no problems except for that throttle cable.I talked about it on that thread. And my chain disconnected once. Easy fix though.
It also draws a major crowd around here. Today two people in their cars asked me if they can look at it.
And you meant to say 4 stroke,not 4 banger. :D
Yea,you want to go rack mount. Whether it's the Titan or Golden Eagle it's really about preference. I haven't owned a Golden Eagle but the guys here swear by them.
I swear by my Titan. I've easily raked up about 375 miles on it with the 75 miles of riding today and this install is barely a month old!