How fast do you [comfortably] ride?

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    Question, I've had my bike for a while but I really haven't taken it over 20 for any length of time. I usually cruise around ~15 because that's the average speed of low throttle, just enough for the clutch to engage. When I go over 20, the front tire and handle bars move a bit and do not drive straight. Everything is tight, it just doesn't feel 100 percent stable. Is this a problem with the bike (it's very light) or just a confidence issue?

    It has been windy and I've had to compensate for that with the steering (and leaning). At high speeds it feels like I'm gonna get blown off the road

    How fast do you guys cruise? What does it feel like?

    As far as the motor goes, it's just 40cc's but the torque is amazing. I cruise 18-20 uphill no problem and plough through the wind


  2. geebt48cc

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    Gosh, I guess really the best speed for me is right around 25. The motor acts like it's happiest 24-27 on 29" rims..............
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    Honda 35 does about 28 mph tops, no speedo just a guess but that's the sweet spot. Honda 50 with 1-1/2 roller 35 is tops?. With that one 30 is the sweet spot.......are your handle bars in sync with your forks? Wheel centered in the forks? Everything tight as should be? Front wheel axle centered in the slots? Dunno why your front end feels sloppy but theres a reason, just need to look it over and see wassup. My new Schwinn had an issue like that and it turned out to be the front axle wasn't centered in the slots exactly as needed.
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    I haven't officially clocked it, but under smooth road conditions I think I cruise around 28-32mph, and with a good tailwind in the 40mph range.The fairing gave me great wind-cutting, and in general a LWB recumbent gets smoother the faster you go. sun3.jpg
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    Nice,Nice Grinn...................Fairing helps, I'm sure................. What PSI do you run?

    Yeah, my little 66cc..............

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  6. Racie35

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    I try to keep both my bikes near 30 even though they both go faster easily---25-30 and I'm comfy with my skills etc
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    Mine is happy running 25 mph (50cc China girl). I get that with a 39t rear sprocket.
  8. crassius

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    much like your car, the motor is happiest cruising at about 2/3 throttle

    what that works out to in speed depends on gearing & wheel size

    40 mph on skinny tires and tiny brakes makes me nervous - 25 feels better
  9. professor

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    Locksmith, something is messed up on your bike.
    I feel safer at slow speeds, 20 to 25 is where I find myself most of the time.
  10. locksmith

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    Cool! Y'all ride faster than i do haha. I have a 29'er and i prob should have motorized it instead, cause it rides a lot smoother and carries momentum well. Slow speeds ftw lol

    Is this the part I need to adjust?
  11. Hi Locksmith. My electrics both do 22MPH and I ride them WOT most of the time, unless I'm on a crowded bike/hike path, then I slow down to about 10-12MPH so as to be polite and not scare the walkers. I had a front fork wear out on my green bike, a cheap Kent Avalon. The cheapo fork could not be rebuilt so I replaced it with a good RST fork that I will be able to rebuild. When the fork wore out it was on a long trip and it got all shaky and wobly and I had to cut speeds drastically till I got home. You may have a worn fork. It is dangerous at higher speeds. You should have a competant bicycle mechanic check the front end out. A descent quality front suspension fork will cost a bit over $100.00, but killing yourself is a worse option.
    Make sure your steering tube and wheel bearings are snug.
  12. Yes, locksmith, those are the wheel bearings. Gently tighten them until they feel tight and you feel a little resistance when you spin the wheel, but don't overdo it, then back them off until the wheel turns smoothly without slop. Tighten the steering tube bearings the same way. If you have some miles on the bike, you might want to clean the bearings and regrease them. Be careful taking them apart, the little balls in the ball bearings will fall out when you loosen it and roll everywhere. :)
  13. 5-7HEAVEN

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    My Tanaka 47R engine works well for me puttering slowly thru the homeless camp on the bike path, on city streets and up to 35mph. It'll push to 40mph, but I like riding it from 0-30mph.
  14. Fabian

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    Sometimes it's not a case of how fast you can ride but how fast the bike will go.

    There are times when my bike is working it's guts out with the engine close to having a meltdown whilst the bike is barely moving forward at 5 miles per hour.
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    Bottom line is , if you really push these little engines, you can pay me now or pay me later?!

    They really don't like this substanded RPM stuff!!!
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