How fast does it go, mister?

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  1. Marktur

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    Hi all,
    I'm curious: How fast do you normally cruise when on longer, straighter roads?

    How far do you turn the throttle when cruising?
    How much does your bike shake at your normal cruising speed?
    What does your motor and drivetrain sound like?

  2. Marktur

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    I normally cruise between 20-23mph to work. I have straights of 1-2 miles where I'm cruising at the same speed. I think I have the throttle turned about 1/3 - 1/2.

    From 18mph+ it gets smooth running...I think I need to lean it out a bit. At about 27mph, it starts sounding like it's revving up pretty high. I'm using the stock sprockets. I don't know what too many rpms sound like in all honesty, as I have not yet held it wide open to see how fast I can go (nor do I really want to).
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    My bike likes 25-30 mph. It protests below 10 mph, but is pretty smooth from there. What does it sound like? A roto-tiller with an attitude. That 25-30 is at 2/3 to 3/4 throttle.
  4. I usually cruise about 15-17 mph at about 1/2- 3/4 throttle that is were it smooths out for me running 50t. I opened my ports up, and yesterday was the first time I looked and the plug looked very "dry". I have moved the needle to full rich but havent been back out yet but I think the cleaned up ports will justify the additional air/fuel. My top speed has been 23, but I wouldnt do 23 for very long, I am still breaking it in. It is hard to tell what it really sounds like unless you let someone else ride it, but I would gues it sounds like a weedeater on steroids...
  5. Marktur

    Marktur Member show your ports!
    Or let us know what you did and how...

    I am going to start my 5th tank later. I think I'm going to mix in less oil this time before I make any other changes...let's see if this leans me out a bit more before I move the e-clip on the needle.

    When I was racing RC 1/8 On-road, we were purchasing sick motors .21cc that were hand-worked in Italy...they were FAST! I've taken a dremel to a few little motors in the past, and had mixed results...obviously learning...but I'd like to see what you did, and also know how it affected the motor running, and your MPGs.
  6. Going to less oil is not going to lean you out it is going to richen mixture less oil= more gas. Just keep an eye on your plug that will tell what the engine and carb are doing...

    I didnt take any pics of the porting but this is how I did it....
    Take your muffler/intake off, take an exhaust/intake gasket and put it on engine, then carefully cut out the gasket to match exhaust/intake port on engine (careful not to get shreds inside engine). When done take the gasket off being careful not to turn it around or turn upside down, then put it against manifold/ muffler and see how much metal needs to be removed. Trace with a marker then just match gasket wit a dremel, which in return matches intake/exhaust. My muffler blocked the exhaust port on the engine by at least 25%, prob 15% blocked on intake...
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    Wow - worth a look for sure!

    Rode home today a little faster. Avg. 23.5mph...I'm feeling better and better every day. Starting tank #5, which means 2.5 gallons through it. I put in 3.2 oz oil for the gallon.

    I thought less oil would make it run a little more lean...thinking "nitro" I guess.

    I'll move the clip down 1 notch in the AM. Tomorrow I may venture to the beach if all appears well.
  8. I dunno Mark thats 40:1 I believe thats too little unless your using synthetic oil. I wouldnt go below 30:1 per my instructions and Im still running 25:1. You have more miles and tanks Im sure, I am only on third tank. im still breaking it in. The only way you will make it leaner is to "drop" the needle, move the clip up a notch. Less oil means more gas means richer, more oil less gas means leaner but also more chance of fouling and carbon buildup. Just watch your plug color....
  9. (I'm talking about Cronus,my rack mount Titan here)
    Hi all,
    I'm curious: How fast do you normally cruise when on longer, straighter roads?
    I like to keep it around 20. Engine sounds nice at that speed
    How far do you turn the throttle when cruising?
    about a half an inch,
    How much does your bike shake at your normal cruising speed?
    What does your motor and drivetrain sound like?
    Scroll down to my riding video's.
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    Took the bike out for a short ride to night- twice got it to 40 mph- it sounded fine there but I wasn't too comfortable there- like I said before- 25 to 30 and everyone is happy. The Honda wants to rev...not so much the rider.
  11. JE

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    I'm still breaking my Whizzer in. I've been averaging 30/35 mph.It's nice and smooth and sounds like a Harley. Once the motor is broke in it should do 55 mph. The motor has been modified.
  12. SirJakesus

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    My TLE43 is getting broken in some with 180mi now on it. Still running 30:1 oil/fuel until this second gallon is run through it. I usually cruise around 25mph but since I have tons of hills here maintaining a constant speed isn't practical or easy. I have a NuVinci setup so when cruising i usually overdrive it just enough to keep the engine purring along without lugging it or screaming at high revs usually hold it around 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. When climbing I bump the NV hub down a notch and hold it WOT while pedaling to just zoom up those hills. max speed on the flat engine alone so far is 30, the kit was advertised to go 32 and i can tell she will do it with ease once its leaned out a bit on oil and running loose.
    I dont get much of any vibration unless i'm stressing the engine out, just like you would feel on a motorcycle or standard car.
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    Hi Guys,

    OK, I moved the e-clip to the lowest ring on the needle...It didn't want to idle at all...had to make adjustments to the cable (unscrewing from the top of the carb-bell). It's idling now.

    I think that my initial power is LESS starting out, but it does feel smoother at higher speeds. 25-27 is as fast as I brought it today on my street testing it out.

    I cannot really get any response from the idle screw. I'm thinking that I probably need to put RTV on the intake gasket? I have it turned out to the recommended 4.5 turn, but it really doesn't seem to do anything. Does yours?

    How many ounces of oil do you put into each gallon you're putting together? I was able to notice a bit of smoke from the pipe today as it's not windy yet... I'm using Penzoil 2 stroke oil in 3.2oz containers. Before I was using the 2.5 Pro-Mix but putting 1.5 bottles in, so I'm thinking I'm close to the same ratio...I can add more if you guys think I should.

    I"m really good with Nitro motors, but gas is kind of new to any suggestions are helpful. I'm not looking for "more power/less mileage", I'm looking for the same power, but smoother on the low end. I guess I can't tell rich or lean from the sound of the motor like a nitro motor.

    OK, fire away! :)
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    That's your Honda motor I presume HoughMade with the crouching seat and bars. If it's the HT I find that speed unbelievable. My 4-stroke hit 63 km\hr which is 1 km\hr less than yours but that was on the flat with a 44T sprocket and I was walking it up hills. From what I read on these pages I think the Honda revs better than the Huangsheng and thus has more pulling power.
  15. HoughMade

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    Yep- that's my Honda GXH50- me crouching and giving it a good long time to get up to speed. Now, it is possible, that the speedo is a hair off, but I don't think it's off by much. Let me be clear- at that speed, the engine was singing and I have no governor, so it may have been over-revving.

    Also, I have not directly compared the performance of my Honda to the Huasheng, but from what I can see, Huasheng lists a lower max rpm and a lower horsepower figure. Like I said, the engine sounded like it could run like that high rpm all day....but I would not want to. 25 to 30 is perfect.


    Also- I am convinced that just a lower sprocket tooth count will not assure a higher top speed. I think the Honda, and probably the Huasheng, have a narrow power band high in the rpm scale. This means that too low a tooth count will not allow the engine to rev high enough to hit the power band in the right spot- a small enough sprocket may very well place the power band so high up that you are fighting wind resistance too much. What sprocket is best, I don't know.....yet. A similar thing happens with cars with very high overdrives- most hit their top speed in 4th or 5th gear, one or 2 gears below the highest.
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  16. My 2 cents worth.......
  17. Marktur

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    I saw some mention about an o-ring on the carb - can you tell me where you got yours?

    Yes, I'm sure we have the same kit...but I don't know that calcs to figure out the ratios. That's why I'm asking how many ounces of oil do you mix with 1 gallon of gas?

    I'll pull the plug after I get home and the motor gets cold again. After I posted, I took a shower and killed about 30 minutes around the house...when I fired it up to come to work, it was acting perfectly normal, but it ran MUCH better. Comfy cruising 15mph, and comfy cruising 24-25mph. Yes, I came a bit faster as the engine seemed really happy.

    With the idle adjustment screw, clockwise makes it idle faster or slower?

  18. KiDD

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    Turning the screw to the right (clockwise) will make the screw go in, there by raising the throttle thing, raising your idle. Sorry for all the technical terms :p
  19. Marktur

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    Thank you. :)
  20. Ok for my kit the break in instructions say for the first gallon of fuel mix gas/oil 20:1 20 parts gasoline to 1 part oil so for 1 gallon (128oz ) you take 128 divided by 20 = 6oz of oil. After break in they suggest 25:1 1 gallon 128oz divided by 25 = 5oz of oil. Now your past break in now and when I am I will be running synthetic oil, I have to look but there are posts about people running 50:1 with synthetic.
    As for the oring I have an oring assortment. But you should be able to go to Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware and get one. If you cant find one PM me your add. and Ill send you one. With the idle turned in clockwise it raises the slide making it idle faster.