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    So my car took a dump and I love it too much to get a new one. So I bought an engine kit for my bike. I commute at least 56 miles a day for my job and it is getting frustrating. I have been interested in doing this for quite some time now and what better time than now. (or excuse, my woman hates me spending money on "useless projects.") My car is going to cost at least $3000 to fix, and this bike kit has me right at the $350 mark in my available $400 budget.

    I love customizing things, and really enjoy going fast. Fabricating things is the best. So I really look forward to this project/toy/alternate transportation. I have a lot of ideas, and a lot of plans so far. I hope I can accomplish my goals for this with out spending "too much money." Ie. my woman and I have differing views on what that means. Once my car is fixed my budget will open way up.

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    Welcome to the forum. Are you going to commute to work on the motorized bike or just run your errands?
    I did several 50 mile round trip commutes, but not every day. I usually needed a day (after work) in between motorbike commutes to tighten bolts, adjust the chain tensioner and clutch. If you tighten and adjust things, you normally will not break any parts. I also used a 3 liter fuel tank, because my China girl would use a lot of premix when travelling against strong headwinds. I had to face strong winds from the south in the afternoons.
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    I'm hoping to use it to commute on the daily. Thanks for the advice, I deal with wind frequently here. Some days its really strong, most times its mild. Do you think if I upgrade hardware it will help me keep things torqued enough?
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    Sorry,but my 5 months experiment with my motorbike leads me to seriously doubt that this is the correct tool for the job. I cannot imagine commuting 28 miles one way on a motorized bicycle. Believe me, my 12 mile one way commute is always an adventure as too many things can go wrong.

    If you cannot replace your car, then you need a real motorcycle. Or, I suppose,you could move closer to your workplace. I'd prefer a 28 mile bicycle ride to work over a MB ride. The motorized bicycle is a short range vehicle for sure.
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    I agree withe Timbone, if you make it you'll be very lucky....
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    I may not know all that much about motorized bicycles, but I do know about bicycles. A cheapo Walmart bicycle, like most other bicycles, is simply not designed to carry all this weight at racing bike speed. Things will break.

    Factor in the inherent lack of reliability in a dinky, no name 2 stroke engine with a clunky clutch design and you will see the problem. 28 miles is a long shaky ride!
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    That's my life story. :) My cheapo walmart bike has gone through several upgrades as it needed maintenance in the last two years. I have a 28 mile commute one way, in West Texas, after a 12 hour shift biking another 28 miles gets tough. For the cost of a real motorcycle I could just fix my car. Plus, I don't have a motorcycle license. So some times you just gotta roll the dice and ride by the seat of your pants. But, if my bike grenades, my boss is really cool and I'm sure he will help me get to work. To me this is just like any other project. An opportunity to experiment and learn.
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    One time I rode a honda hobbit 900 miles non stop other than gas, food, and sleep. That was an adventure. At least honda's are reliable.
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    With a $400 budget, you have a snowflakes chance in hell of the bike being reliable for a 56 mile commute.
    You'll need a really big budget to make the bike truly reliable.

    I'm not saying that it can't be done, because it can, and my motorised bicycle is a pillar of reliability and would handle the 56 mile commute without any problems, though it requires a heavy maintenance schedule; on average being 1 hour of maintenance time for every 4 hours of operation.

    Having said that, i have spent (over 5 years) approx $11,000 on my motorised bicycle.

    Not sure if your $400 budget will get you very far with regards to reliability, but it will get you far enough down the road for the bike to be unreliable on a regular basis.
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    just this year I've spent $1500 on my motorized bicycle. you can get a nice reliable motorcycle for that price any day of the week
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    much like any motorized investment, it is going to need repairs and maintenance and I understand this. The $400 budget is just the start up budget, every payday gets me closer to my goals. I work for an oil company so the only reason I'm currently too broke to fix my car chalks up to bad timing and bad luck. You think it will last me long enough, with reasonable repairs and upgrades, to get to work and back for about two months. I'm very mechanically inclined and am great at modifying things to suit my needs. You guys make this sound like a nightmare. I have always seemed to have the best luck in the worst situations.
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    Until you get your motorised bicycle to a point where it is reliable, a motorised bicycle is nothing but a f*#king nightmare of problems that never ends.
    Having said that, when you do finally get the thing reliable, it is a joy to own and use, and nothing else gives as much satisfaction and enjoyment as a motorised bicycle, especially when doing things that borders on the impossible:

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    Since you asked... I have to agree with most of the comments on here. I got a used well made bike with many upgraded components for a mere $700.00 which was a deal as the seller had well over $2500.00 invested in it. Within the first week of owning it the motor mounting bolts sheared off and the engine came loose. This was redesigned with solid welded mounts and the bike has so far proven to be bullet proof for the remainder of the season. It is simply retarded to think a $400.00 investment will be able to reliably take you 28 miles a day. They are simple toys and not designed for hard use. They take a lot (A LOT) of care and maintenence and are as already mentioned, can be a F***ing mightmare to keep running. Part of the fun and adventure of owning one of these little toys is the tinkering, but they are just that a toy, not a real alternative nor ever intended as cheap reliable transportation. And in the real world a $400.00 investment in a motorized bicycle is a joke. All that will happen with a cheap kit and bicycle is it will fail and fail as it is not designed to do what you're asking. You really need to think this through, perhaps your spouse is a bit smarter than you think. Your $400.00 will soon grow into $2000.00 plus money pit and you'll still have a S**t bike.
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    It seems to me like you guys have had bad luck or bought your parts from half rate retailers. I have already logged about 200 miles and I have had to make only minor adjustments and a little fabrication. This thing works awesome, and I mean awesome. Fires up strong and runs like a champ. I have upgraded a few things so far but have had no problems that were a set back in my daily commute due to the fact that I plan ahead and do ample research. Its nice to see that you guys are so friendly and supportive with your feedback. Especially because I'm someone who is interested in the same hobby, as a form of alternate commuting transportation, as you are. I'll be sure to let you know if it fails on me just so you can have someone to laugh at. Since it seems like many of you are betting on it.

    Possibly, you are not as good at mechanical work, or bicycle maintenance as you think you are. But my setup is way exceeding my expectations so far. I have only spent a total of $460 to dait not including the price of my $100 wal mart bike I bought a year and a half ago and upgraded as I needed, and logged over 1000+ miles on easy. So I either have awesome luck or I'm just that good at tinkering and modifying things.

    I'm thinking about getting a Raleigh Tamland 2 and annother GT5 engine kit with a jackshaft kit, just so I can have disk breaks and gears. I'm also looking into alternate two stroke racing engine options for that idea. I still want to learn some more on my current platform before I spend that kind of coin on a bike that nice.

    Forgive me for being a little hostile with this. But I feel like most of this feedback is overly negative and I'm not gonna go quietly if that is how I'm going to be treated. Its one thing to express your concerns and experiences with me. However, I feel I'm under attack here.

    So with that said, my bike is running exceptionally well and I'll do everything within the extent of my vast mechanical knowledge to keep it doing so. Because I'm a boss like that and I'm on to a fun setup here.

    Be the future that you want to see.
  15. Fabian

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    In principle i agree with your assertion, but if installed with the right aftermarket components and treated with respect these engines can be surprisingly reliable.

    :iagree: but as i have listed above, they can be surprisingly reliable if assembled correctly - you just need to acquire the knowledge and the skills to assemble and maintain the engine and running gear in good working order.
    Acquiring """the knowledge""" is the biggest obstacle in your way of ensuring that these bikes deliver dependable reliability.
    Generally, the process of acquiring knowledge comes through hours and hours and hours and hours of research which involves a heck of a lot of reading and consequently, many months of tired eyes from all those hours of endless reading.

    :iagree: completely. My bike (just my bike and nothing else) has around $5,000 invested in it; to give me the kind of dependable reliability that i demand, and then there's around another $6,000 invested in all of the accessories and bits and pieces that make up everything you see attached to the end of my bike; in many varied forms.

    My spouse's have been far, far smarter then 'i', because a truckload of money has been thrown at the hobby/transport to get my bike to a point where it gives dependable; long term reliability.
    Having said that, i enjoy riding my bike far more than i have enjoyed riding my spouse's, considering that they only put on a good show with limited frequency - my bike has proven to be far more reliable than they ever were.
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    Oh my goodness, i think you have have the answer to all of my issues. :smilielol5:

    Now that we have established that simple fact, can you please give me your sage relationship advise, because it seems that i'm also not very good at relationships, or relationship maintenance, as i like to think that i am :rofl:
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    I don't do relationship advice.
  18. Fabian

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    We are a particularly friendly bunch of people on this site.

    I am heartened to hear that, because it will give me a chance to get some respite from everyone else laughing at me, and going from past experience i have proven experience in this area :rofl:

    I don't think we need to bet on it, for it's a guaranteed certainty.

    Just remember that a cat has only nine lives. You have most likely used up 8 of them with your excessive good luck.

    That sounds like a sensible combination, which going from my experience has proved to be a good one.

    That's because most of us have used up all of our luck and are running on the fumes of sheer grit and determination.

    May i give my greatest thanks, because i am sure that future discussion will involve much humor as you embellish your $460 reliability stories.

    Just wait till you are in my shoes. It will feel like you are in the battle of Waterloo.

    It's such a relief to hear of your vast mechanical knowledge, because now i don't have to compromise my personal integrity (in a dark alley way) when begging for advise from those on here that "do" have proven amounts of """vast mechanical knowledge""".

    I am sure that your spouse could provide an alternate opinion.
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    coincidentally, 200 miles is about how long it took for my front wheel bearings gave out and make the bike handle like a pig. You're going to be spending some more money in the near future
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    In two months tops my car will be fixed and I'll have time to use my bike as a toy. Until then, its my commuting tool. These are the cards that life has dealt me.