How I did myself a cheap yet bright lighting

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Ihsan, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Ihsan

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    IMG_4449.jpg IMG_8103.jpg
    I cut open old halogen spot bulbs I had laying around and put SMD H3 leds which are sold for car foglight bulbs like 3 dollars for 2x
    IMG_1365.jpg IMG_8352.jpg
    Used kinder surprise eggs to cover the back and painted matt black
    2013-06-22 20.07.33 copy.jpg 2013-06-22 21.04.20 copy.jpg
    Taillight is also off ebay and cheap (led+laser) I dont like the laser look much but it doesnt hurt being there =)
    2013-06-22 21.06.27 copy.jpg
    I put 2x 7.2volts batteries connected in series in a small bag hanging right under the tank. Batteries are for Nitro RC starter motors which I do not use anymore, they are around 4800mah which I think more than enough for just the lights. I wont be using them for too long in one go. What do you guys think?
    I will add photos of the control switches too
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  2. MusiCALpuLLtoy

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    yep. thats what on front of mine. dont have to break it tho. 12v house lite is fine
  3. Anton

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    That led laser tail light looks interesting actually. First time I have heard of them with a laser. I wonder if it makes you more visible at night or is it just a gimmick?
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    I have one installed on my bike.
    The laser line is nowhere near as bright as it should be. It certainly makes the bike more visible, but i'm thinking of hacking the light to over volt the laser; pumping up the brightness to make it more visible.
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    @ Ihsan

    I like your lighting system.
    How do you deal with the possibility of fuel spilling onto the battery pack?