How I got started tinkering with 2 wheelers.....

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    Hi Guys,
    Thought it might be interesting to learn how each of us got started tinkering with 2 wheelers, Whizzers or ?
    I have always been interested in the Whizzer history and build, but, never found that first exposure. However, It seems I've found it now.........
    My intro to 2 wheelers began a couple of years ago, when I woke up one morning thinking I'd like to own something I couldn't afford in high school, a 2 wheel something? In HS (early 60s), the rich kids rode Vespas, Honda C90s and the real expensive Honda Dreams. Since my brother is a "Harley" guy, although very close as brothers can be, I didn't want to copy him. So, I channeled my energies toward something more out of the main stream...a scooter.
    After searching the US for 6-8 months for something interesting, I tripped across a red '64 Allstate Cruisaire (middle of pic), not 25 miles from my house. Although, it needed work, it was love at first sight. The rest of the brood found their way into my garage seeking TLC after being battered and beaten. As it turns out, they were all sold by Sears through their catalog sales.
    Now, here I am seeking a Whizzer-mobile LOL! Where they ever available through Sears?
    Happy Trails.....

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    I was working late one night and I received a phone call from the editor of American Iron magazine. He was looking to order a billet fuel door for his F250. He asked if I liked motorcycles, I said yes, he signed me up for a lifetime free membership to the magazine. I still get the mag today.
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    What 2 wheelers are in your sandbox?