How in the world is it possible to fit a motorized bike on a 4 inch wide wheel?

I believe that you either have to find offset engine mounts or a jackshaft similar to the one on the Gru Bee inc website, if there’s space for that to fit between the seat tube and rear wheel.
I tried offsetting the rear sprocket and it fortunately does give enough clearance, but another big issue now is the engine sprocket and it’s not aligning to the rear sprocket. Was this a good idea? What can I do?
Exactly what I was implying before in another post I made here...You solve one problem only to be presented with unforessen problems resulting from the ones you thought you solved...Such is the "fun" of trying to adapt a motor to a fat tire bike.
Then how do you explain the PhatMoto?
Quite easily and Phatmoto is purposely designed with a motor in mind and to be used with a motor, typical fat tire pedal bikes are NOT...Basic fat tire pedal bikes also require a huge amount of adaptations to be able to make everything work in harmony with each other.

This is also why you pay more for a ready made Phatmoto already designed for a motor to be attached than you would a fat tire regular pedal bike that was not intended or designed with a motor in mind or attached to it.
Yes the Hyper is a good starting platform, just get you a good wheelset and brakes, I got one motor ready had the 79cc on it for a couple months, then bought the Grubee 53cc and 4g put it on it and that was the best dependable set up I've ever had; but wasn't fast enough for me the 53cc and 4g has been sitting on the shelf for a while now it might have 10hrs on it, thought about giving someone a deal just to erase the memories of once riding trouble free