How is this 48cc engine?



The engines arn't very loud from standard....u can increase their performance by drilling out the baffle and that only makes them slightly louder,not enough to bother ppl.

BTW...u can quieten it down by putting small rubber blocks between the engine cooling fins(same as motorbikes) gets rid of much of that 2-stroke zing zing noise.


Quiet at idle.

When under load they are as loud as your weedwacker engine but the pitch is much lower, like a motorbike engine. So it would be considerably less annoying.

They will be very loud/vibrate alot if you like going fast so a smaller sprocket may be necessary for aceptable noise and more importantly; not break the engine.

Sometimes metal clanging sound can be heard, due to a loose clutch plate(in my case). Or worse, a worn bushing.
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