How is this for power!!!

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    This is an RC truck engine .I put it in my 1/10 scale truck .It runs about1.25H.P. at 42,500 max R.P.M. .The motor weighs about 9 ounces and my truck will run about 50-60M.P.H. How is that for power?.The truck weighs about 4lbs total.The power to weight ratio is crazy!!!.

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  2. s_beaudry

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    Holy cow....

    42,500 rpm's is crazy when you think that an F1 car (dare I say only) runs in the neighborhood of about 12,000 rpm's!

    That exhaust pipe must get cherry red when it is chugging away!
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    It really not too bad ,but some of the engies go thru about a Gallon or two of nitro fuel and then need a rebuild .This probably wouldnt work out too well on a Bicycle,but you should hear these things wind up .My truck pulls wheelies on demand!!!.I have snapped drive shafts and broken various parts .I ported the engine and it really came to life and started breaking drive line parts.
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    Formula one cars run a 2.4 liter V8 to an FIA restricted max of 19K rpm's
    Before the regulations the 3.0 liter V10s were over 19K rpm's....I remember when BMW first started they had the highest revving at 19,050 rpm.
    Without the restrictions the little V8's would be over 22K.
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    Yeah, it is truly amazing what can be achieved with engines. I was at a tractor pull contest in Durant, OK in 1977, and in the "unlimited" class there were all sorts of totally unbelievable rigs on display, taking their turns pulling that sled down the arena. Huge diesel tank engines with dual turbos, one guy with an Allison radial fighter plane enginre, and everything else.

    The big winner? An Allis-Chalmers farm tractor with a completely hand built, polished, ported, balanced, totally tweaked Chevy 327 that turned an unbelievable 32,000 rpm. Straight pipes on that beast, and he burned through about 5 gallons of Av-gas high octane fuel in about 45 seconds, in the process of dragging the weight sled 62 feet further than anyone else that day. I've stood beside jet aircraft spooling their engines up to full power - that thing was MUCH louder. The only manmade event I've ever experienced that was louder was the launch of Apollo 14, on Jan 31, 1971.
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    Now thats some serious HORSE POWER!!!
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    Any pics, info, webpage?

    I would love to see a chevy small block with a stroke of ~3" rev higher than a $2 million F1 engine with a 40mm stroke....and in 1977 no less.
  8. SimpleSimon

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    1977, G3B. No info aside from my memory. I recall his claim of the 32,000 rpm from conversing with him after the competition. It was 1977, in small town Oklahoma. I don't even recall his name any more.
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    It really isn't possible for a 4-stroke with valvesprings.
    At that rpm the valves would be floating so bad they would be useless.
    F1 engines use nitrogen gas to push pistons actuating the valves, eliminating valve float.
    Unless he converted it to 2-stroke like wilbur's rc engine

    More problems...
    '77 sparkplugs would not work, F1 plugs don't have a protruding ground electrode....unless he converted to glow plugs, again like wilbur's engine.

    Materials back in 1977 could not support the rpms, reciprocating weight of an F1 engine is 380 grams. Did they have titanium rods back then:grin5:

    Lots more...but you get the picture.
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    I ran alittle of my sons nitro in my 66cc motor gave it a kick LOL just had to
  11. SimpleSimon

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    Honestly, G3B, you obviously know a great deal more about engines than do I. All I know from that event is what I saw, in terms of performance, what I heard in terms of pure screaming noise, and what he claimed.

    Titanium was available back then, but I've no clue as to whether or not he had titanium rods - I rather doubt it.

    Of my own experience. I have only (very, very briefly) pushed a multiple cylinder engine to 11, 200 rpm - and I was frankly amazed it didn't go off like a bomb.
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    what kind of truck?savage x xl?hope its not a traxxas.i love the gas rc for your buck.
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    I built a model tractor a long time ago, You bought one of the metal kid toy tractors from the feed store, used a band saw to cut the bottom off , bolted a gearbox to it and ran a Cox .049 engine. it could pull 120 LBS. They had contest with prizes it was really cool...