How is this kit the fastest

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  1. wackey101

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    i do not under stand how people say this kit is the fastest
    1. Engine Type: Single cylinder, air-cooled, 2 stroke
    2. Type of fuel mix :( 15:1/20:1-25:1)
    3. Displacement: 70cc
    4. Ignition: C.D.I. ignition
    5. Max.Power:3.2KW@ 7000rpm(AFTER RUNING IN)
    6. Economy: 100 km/2.75litre fuel
    7. Max speed: 60km/h(AFTER RUNING IN)
    8. Fuel tank: 2.5 litres
    9. Weight: 7 kg
    10. Bore: 47mm
    11. Stroke: 40 mm
    12. Compression ratio: 9:01
    the only diffrence to my motor is the compresion ratio and if i get a billit head it would probly be the same are the intake and exhause polished and made bigger as well

  2. motorpsycho

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    what size rear sprocket are they using?
    a smaller sprocket could be the difference.
    a 36 tooth rear sprocket will give you a lot more top speed than a standard 44 tooth.
    60 kmh is 37 mph, and my stock 66 cc. with a 41 tooth sprocket will hit 32-35 mph on the top end with 20" wheels and a 24" tall rear tire.
    so mine isn't that far off from that one.
  3. wackey101

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    no they are using origanl 44tooth sprocket thats the amazing thing because my bike is moded not havily but no lightly ever using 44 tooth sprocket i get 61-63 kmh
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    Thats from an MBB imports advertisement of his engines.

    I had to go see him in person to get some inlet manifolds and asked him the same question as i just wanted to buy the engine by itself off him.

    he was saying that the "porting was correctly done and matched unlike other brands" its false advertised as when you buy a standard kit it comes with stock parts. With the GOSICK'EM engine it comes with the speed carb/slant head.

    I brought the PEDBITS 66cc engine off him and done my own porting, upgraded carby, upgraded the head to the billet and have 3 type of exhaust (SBP chamber, Expansion chamber from MBBimport and the POO POO pipe). I have also matched my boost bottle to the CC of my engine, better spark plugs and spark plug leads and boot... I get 72km/h on a good day.

    If you check the advertisement for the PEDBITS engine it will say TOP SPEED: 40km/h after brake in. Which has been proven incorrect by an extra 30km/h.

    That saying i would not know if you could get anymore power out of the GOSICK'em engine he is selling as most of the upgrading work is already done. (apart from changing spark plug, wire and boot and a new exhaust) which would probably boost it to 65km/h. if you add a boost bottle and correct match it maybe more.

    I have owned 2 skyhawk engines that I've purchased from him. in both cases the oil seals have blown and i didn't even have them for less the a month.

    stick with the engine you have or if purchasing a new one, buy the 66cc hd kit from rocksoild.
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    i love this term "break in"

    guess what i did to my last engine?

    took off the cylinder. filled the crank with petrol(premixed ;) ) and washed all the dirty black chinese grease from the bearings. i swear thats just boiled down sheep fat...

    replaced cylinder. fitted it up to the bike with the pipe and stuff. revved its head off from the word go and um...what break in? i reckon the whole reason they take so long to actually "free up" when new is cus of that filthy stinking grease! yik! over speed for a while now...i just want hillclimbing power... :)