How is this possible$$??

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Eco Speeder, Aug 3, 2008.

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  2. stude13

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    hi speed; i believe its called slave labor.
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    How is this possible$$??

    One word: China.

    Have you seen the scooters that everyone (including the hot dog lady down the street from me) has for sale?

    They go by names like "Rocketa" and such. They are pure lipstick, plastic parts and pot metal, but they look great. I know someone who bought on and bumped a post with it and the whole nose/light/windshield fell off.

    It's for two pieces.
  4. Man If I was a midget I'd be all over it.
    It would have a trailer for my groceries and everything.
    I would be so independent.
  5. JemmaUK

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    $99 and that'll fit onto a GEBE .....

    I can see possibilities here lol

    Jemma xx
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    Labor in all stages of manufacturing process is often the primary cost driver. When yo pay someone 10-50 cents/hour, you can still make a good profit without having to match exepcted prices for a similar products.
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    We must be cut from similar cloth. I was thinking the exact same thing.:D It would suck to be a midget but the upside is that you could have a garage full of power sport toys for the price of one Harley.

    I am all over the trailer idea. That's another untapped goldmine: scooter trailers.
  8. Eco Speeder

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    Happy Smiletime Scooters

    Good points. But the thing about these pocket bikes is that are they quality and solid. Look at the specs and componants. Tweaking the ergonomics and design abit would make a respectable $3000 scooter seem low tech and flimsy.
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    italian torque

    I was getting abit worked up about the $169 47cc Cagllari. :cool: If it can be mated with the GEBE with a reasonable level of engineering effort, I'm sure I could break the 50 mph barrier. Probably would have to make some wheelie standers to keep the front end down but so be it.:smile:
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  10. mac66

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    The 47cc bike is a two stroke. It also says is gets 5 hp! Kind of hard to believe for only 47ccs. On the other hand, I wonder what shipping cost? Would be cool to swap one of these engines into an old moped.
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    thats great
  13. mac66

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    My experience with about 10 different Chinese made scooters and mopeds is that they are of marginal quality and often poorly assembled, sometimes missing parts.

    On the other hand sometimes you get a good one and usually the problems you get with them can be fixed. It is basically a **** shoot and you get what you pay for.

    I do know of a few people who use the engines out of chinese scooters to upgrade japanese mopeds. The Chinese copied the old Honda engine designs and the 110, 125, and even the 150cc engines will often work in a Honda moped.
  14. stringer

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    I just watched a youtube video with the exact model in the original post. Why on earth anyone (over the age of 12) would want one of those is beyond me. They are so small its comical. :smile:
  15. RIOT

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    i had one of those. all of the plastic broke off where it bolted on. and then the engine blew up once i put on a bigger carb, exhaust, and intake. china=****

    funny enough though i fit on it.
    and im 6'4
  16. astring

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    bad product, bad karma.
  17. Eco Speeder

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    Well that cooled my jets on turning one into a scooter.
  18. oilee

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    come on, we can do it.
  19. oilee

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    no prob, where there's a will......

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