how long can you ride?

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  1. rozenaetr

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    Hi, folks!

    I'm planning on using my bike for commuting back and forth, once a week or so, between Gallup, NM and Fort Defiance, AZ--roughly 30 miles each way.

    I just got my new motor and wanted to make sure I break it in fairly easily.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with their bikes overheating or pushing them too far too soon? My real question is whether there is a time limit on riding before you might need to kill the motor and let it cool down?

    Thanks in advance for all answers. I also apologize if this question has been asked before.

  2. Zev0

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    It would be a great help if we knew what type of engine you have and drive train.
  3. fetor56

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    I think you'll find u quit before the engine.
    30 miles each way is not excessive for either a 2 or 4 stroke that's been run-in.
    Don't overdo it with speed & remember routine maintenence..........have a good seat.
  4. azbill

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    what he said
    the seat is most important :)

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  5. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    After riding ~60 miles to st pete, my butt was really sore. I gotta get a new seat!
  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    that would be the key question ???

    thinking that the Happy Time engines may need a little more break in time

    it's the good old standard when breaking in engines
    throttle between off -- idle -- 1/3 to 3/4 taking time to cool off when new

    someTHING like that -- many variations

    have fun when you ride that THING
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  7. rozenaetr

    rozenaetr New Member

    cooling down, etc.

    Zev0: I just got one of those 48 cc HT kits with the chain and sprocket (40 tooth currently).

    Mountainman: The guy I bought my kit recommended I need to run it no more than 30 minutes before letting it cool off. This is during the first tank or so. Is that what you mean? How long does an engine take to cool off? (I imagine this might vary with the weather and other factors.)

    fetor56: does run-in mean broken-in?

    Thanks for all the other replies as well. I'll look into a comfortable seat.
  8. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    that was good advice

    good advice
    after running varying speeds slowly between 1/3 to 2/3
    I when they are new -- shut down and cool off after 15 to 30 min ride time
    cool of time ?? 10 to 20 min ??

    then hop on again and ride that thing
  9. rozenaetr

    rozenaetr New Member

    after break-in?

    Mountainman: After break-in, do you know there is a limit to the amount of time you can ride before you'll need to let it cool down?
  10. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    kind of like when a person get's a heat stroke ???

    hey there rozen

    I am under the impression that once any (good running engine) is broken in

    they should be able to run all day and night long

    but -- have noticed in the past -- mainly with two strokes
    while riding in the (real heat) desert in summer
    sometimes one might feel the engine slow down a little
    not good -- time for cool off period
    kind of like when a person get's a heat stroke
    give them a rest in the cool shade -- if some can be found

    then in a while -- get back on and ride that thing
  11. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    hey rozen

    just one more THING I wish to mention regarding 2-strokes
    I have noticed that many these days wish to run them as lean as possible
    why -- I just don't understand ???

    all of my 2-strokes ever owned going back now 50 years
    I give them at least the amount of oil recommended or a

    TOUCH more in my book never hurt nothing...... never had one blow up

  12. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Yeah man,u say broken-in we say run-in.
    It all amounts to the same thing so as long as u go the recommended new engine distance(approx 250Mls/400Km) u should be fine.
    When in doubt or when going on long trips run the engine rich & DON'T throttle-off completely going down steep hills....2-strokes need that oil/gas mixture for lubrication.
  13. rozenaetr

    rozenaetr New Member

    slowing down (cooling down, cont.)

    Thanks all for your help!

    MM: A few more questions. I'm sure I'll discover this in time, and since it's a little chilly I likely won't have to worry about it, but are there any other signs aside from feeling heat and the engine slowing down that could tip me off that I need to let it cool down?

    Also by lean, do you mean using too little oil in the oil/gas mixture?
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  14. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    temperatures above 100

    times for cool down periods
    you will be ok -- you will get to know your engine soon
    if and when a little cool down is needed
    from the engine acting somewhat sluggish -- you will know

    have on a very few occasions had engines get hot to the point
    where when stopped -- they almost smelt hot

    more possible cool off reasons -- or over heating noticed -----
    in time we usually get used to a little heat between our legs from engine heat
    at times this spot has also been a tip off spot -- regarding over heating

    all in all -- you shouldn't have any problems
    here in San Diego many of us go to the desert for riding fun
    it can get up to 120 out there
    have found that temperatures above 100
    can put some stress on air cooled engines

    yes -- too lean = not enough 2-stroke oil

    ride that motor bike
  15. spad4me

    spad4me Member


    I ride in Mohave Dessert heat !@) F oops i meant 120 F with a bushing happy time.

    The pavement is so hot I never stop for three reasons
    1. I don't want to burn my feet on the hot pavement.
    2. I don't want my happy time to seize up.
    3 Then I would have to walk see number 1.

    Use a Castor/ synthetic 2 stroke AIR cooled engine oil mixed at 20 to 24 to one.
    Only the constant air flow around the running engine keeps it going.

    Down hill when you naturally want to close the throttle is dangerous pull in the clutch and blip the throttle to keep the oil flowing to your engine.
    The intake is problematic on a happy time It can get loose with vibration.
    No cooling oil flow.
    I got tired of my carb falling off and glued on about 8 months ago.

    I routinely ride for at least two hours.
    I usually try not to. But time flies when you are having fun.

    Get a good seat I like the $20.00 tractor style from kmart or wallmart.
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  16. The Seamus

    The Seamus Member

    I noticed when I rode I was able to ride about for about 2 hours with no problems, however that was in below/at freezing temperatures. So it sounds like heat is a big factor.
  17. the longest i've ridden?

    The longest trip i've ridden so far was from sudbury to markstay warren which is about 55kms out side of town. So in general I ended up traveling at
    least about 110 kms both ways on one tank of gas for hree one half hours strait and by the time i made it back to town, all the way back to timmy's
    hortons on lorn st. I checked my tank and seen that ihad just enough juice
    to get me back to home which was another 1km away. Average speed was
    around 26/27 mph all the way there and back, man that was an awsome ride.
  18. The Seamus

    The Seamus Member

    Yeah man, I wouldn't risk the heart of the vehicle that way either, I don't want to be stuck at the bottom of some valley with a kaput engine.
  19. TheNatural77

    TheNatural77 Guest

    I know this is from a long time ago but it could help someone from now try buying yourself a predator engine from Harbor Freight 4-stroke you shouldn't have any problems with those they have a fan built in to keep the engine cool while it's running.
  20. Tyler6357

    Tyler6357 Member

    It is very important not to over heat your engine during break-in. Because there is extra friction as your rings grind down you should use extra oil in your mix and stop after short rides to let the engine cool for 10 mins. After break-in you can heat it up more without too much risk however, I would recommend getting a high compression head with large fins. These little engines are air cooled and those fins make a big difference.