How long do clutches last?

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    I read in the manual (Staton friction-Robin 35) that you should always pedal to get started to keep your clutch from wearing out too fast. Do these slip clutches have a pretty long life span or do they need to be changed every once in a while?

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    no need to even think about changing one until
    problem or problems show up

    I have the same set up -- not sure how long it should last
    but - I would think that the Robin has at this time a perfected clutch

    these type of clutches have been around FOR A VERY LONG TIME

    when I was 6 or 7 had one on a small MB with a 7 1/2 hp
    this little guy -- RODE THAT THING HARD for a couple of years
    never a problem

    once we have gotten bicycle (pedalled) up to a little speed
    then kicking in the clutch
    should only be -- very slight wear -- lasting a very long time -- one would think

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    Cool. TY Mountainman.
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    a way closer concern may be -- an extra spark plug
    I think always nice to have an extra on hand
    for my Subaru -- couldn't find one locally
    ordered a couple from Station

    probably won't even need one for a long time - but - just in case

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  5. 3,100 miles on my Titan Clutch still going strong but worn down a little. I mean your gonna get wear. But I absolutely baby that clutch too. If I think it's slipping trying to haul my weight up an incline I'm pedaling.
    My Happy Time Clutch still going strong. 2,000 miles on that engine on MOOP2.
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  7. I found my spare plug at a Harley Shop no joke.