How long does dax shipping take?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by levsmith, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. levsmith

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    Well i put in an order for a chain idler pulley from dax on sunday. Just wondering if anyone knows how long it will take to get to kansas. im off this friday, saturday, and sunday, so i was hoping to get it by then so i could ride it. thats the only thing i need that i know of before it gets done. well thanks for any help.

  2. Scottm

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    Did you ask Duane? usually parts get out quick, it's just the motors that take time. I have a spare, my UPS map says 2 days from TX to KS.
  3. jared3377

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    Well, I can only speak for myself, only having ordered once from Dax, but I can tell you his service is very good. My magneto took about a week and a half from dax (in Littleton, CO) to me in Minnesota.

    I guess you could figure that your product will be there in around a week or so. But, we all know how hard it is checking the mail everyday for a new piece for our fun bikes. However, it's nice that dax picks up the tab on shipments over $20, and I think most folks on this site have a good amount of respect for the company.

    Just remember: "The waiting is the hardest part." --Tom Petty :smile:

  4. levsmith

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    alright thanks

    ok thanks guys. i forgot about calling him. i have heard he has really good customer service. Im going to do that right now. thanks again.