How loud are these engines?

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  1. Brinson

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    Can someone make a comparison for me? Weed eater? Chain saw? Is it going to hurt my ears? Hear alot of talk about 2 strokes being very loud. Will passing cars hear me before they see me?

  2. wheelbender6

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    Quieter than a 4 stroke lawn mower. Half as loud as a weed eater.
  3. V 35

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    Sound is vibrations, the engine would be about as loud as a chainsaw 80cc or a
    Weed Wacker 50cc The bike itself is much louder, due to vibrating components.
    Riders hear every little twang, passer bys hear a symphony of muted moving noise.
    A passing Skyhawk makes a pleasant tone. A rattletrap gives off so many various
    frequency vibrations, that the overall effect is * noise * . Like a room full of people,
    engaged in different conversations, as opposed to one person speaking loudly.

    Car drivers won't hear you until after they see you, Dogs will hear you first,
    best defense against a tire biting dog is, slow down, let dog reach their stride, than speed up, the extra noise frightens the dog, the extra speed breaks their stride, and discourages further chasing. If your sound sensitive, Quiet your bike by tightening
    loose bolts, wear earplugs under your helmet, add vibration dampening padding.

    My 80 cc Skyhawk has a slightly aggressive tone, which rises in pitch as RPMs climb.
    The 50cc has a subtle low frequency popping sound that barely rises in pitch, almost safe to say 80cc is * twice * as noisy, particulary during wind out.
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  4. seanhan

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    I found that my tanaka 32 got a lot quiter after break inn was complete maybe 25%.
    Also if you cruise around 20 mph and not WOT, its a whole lot quiter!!!
    Also having a rack mount makes it even more quite, the engine is behind you.
    More of the sound stays behind you.
  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    My nephew just started and idled his dirt bike right outside my window.

    THAT's louder than my Tanaka 47R engine.

    JMO, my engine MIGHT be as loud as a weedwhacker. HOWEVER, it's never at a continuous engine speed. It varies upon speed, idles while coasting and at a stop.

    No car driver cringes when they're riding alongside me, at any speed.
  6. Al.Fisherman

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    My HT 80cc is not as loud as when my neighbor across the street cranks up his gas leaf blower. (most likely because of the high pitch) Last year my son came home from work at 9:00pm. He was worried that neighbors would hear it. I cant hear it in the house as he pulled in the driveway.
  7. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I live in a townhouse complex. Upon arriving home, I kill the engine before I enter the driveway and coast in about 150 feet. When I leave, I pedal until I'm out of the complex. Then I start her up.

    Another forum member lives nearby on a sloping hill. I ride by his house, going uphill at 25mph. He says my MB does not sound as loud or obnoxious as several loud mopeds who pass by.
  8. lowracer

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    I used to think my Subaru Robin 35cc engine was loud until I bought a pocket bike stage 2 engine w/expansion chamber pipe.
    Now I think the Robin is quiet.
    My pocket bike engines aren't too loud until I open them up & let their demons out, then they are as obnoxious, as they are fast (since I get to control, I'm ok with that).
    When 'just cruising' they aren't too bad.
  9. motorpsycho

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    These engines (china 2 strokes) are not loud enough in my opinion.
    think of the sound of a suzuki rm 250 revving at 8000 rpms!
    To me, that's music!
  10. cloud_2901

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    My first ride on my RM250 the silencer end cap fell off, dodgy screw holding it on, so it was basically a straight pipe, the muffler packing fell out and I had to carry that, and it was like a machine gun going off next to my head when I revved it. . .

    These two strokes are really quiet with the stock pipe. Theres a bloke who lives around here who has one with some other homemade pipe, and it's horrifically loud to compare the two.
  11. blue 48

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    theres a clown with one around here and its a 3ft strait pipe sounds like ****:ack2:
  12. lowracer

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  13. retromike3

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    I road up to the guy next store to me and asked him it I was making to much noise, his reply was that he didn't even here me. I live in a set of town houses and we are right next to each other. I am running a 66cc Skyhawk with a SBP tuned pipe. Its not as loud for me because the end of the pipe is much farther back than the stock one and I think its a bit deeper sound because of that.

    Awhile back I had the stock pipe rattle loose about a block from home and boy did that thing get loud. I was riding past NIKE headquarters and I got a few angry comments from the joggers. Today I had a problem with my spark plug wire and had to reinsert the wire into the CDI. While I was doing that a group of joggers were loping by me so when I fixed the problem and started out I pedaled for twenty feet a then popped the clutch. The joggers just all turned to look at me and stared as I zipped past them. They looked surprised but not offended.

    I think these things are loud enough so that you don't need a bell, but I think I will get a new one one anyway.

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