how loud is an HT from the cager's perspective?

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    long story short, i flipped someone off, cops have a descrip of my bike,and SUPPOSEDLY (my friend's mom fabricates a lotta BS) my bike is illegal to be operated on the road, must be registered and have turn signals... TURN SIGNALS. I know thats not true.

    So i want to ride again, and ill pedal at a moderate speed with the engine... how loud is a stock HT from a car?

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    Who cares how loud it is ? Check your local state laws and determine for yourself if your bike is legal or not ! If it is legal, then ride it don't worry about it, if it's not legal, make it legal or ride at your own risk.
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    I'm 15 and sick of being homebound. Besides, if i use the vin tags and stuff off of a moped on a bicycle, how will I explain THAT to the cops? (assume at that time i have my liscense)
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    Be nice to cagers. They have the power to

    "Honestly, officer, I didn't see the kid on the motorized bike.How was I supposed to know he was going that fast? Sorry."

    (under their breath) "I'm not sorry. Kid deserved it for flipping me off".:whistling:
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    Have you researched your local state laws on mopeds/motorized bicycles. I am not required to have "Tags" on my motorized bike. If you knowingly break the law and get caught, don't whine and complain regardless of how sick you are of being home bound. Obeying the laws just might save your life !
    As long as you're legal, you need not worry about cops.
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    This post did amuse me a little as I mused about it.
    The guys here are giving you very good advice. consider it a "life lesson".
    On the road, you and I are fleas and the rest of the traffic are the bulls.
    If the flea always try real hard to keep out of the path of the bulls, the flea has a shot at a long and happy ride.
    By the way, I am riding my bike as a moped also, it is registered, insured and has the required stuff for the Empire (strikes back) state (NY).
    I had a trooper change lanes to follow me, he probably was curious just what in the world I was riding. That little license plate and my helmet do wonders. He sailed by and I smiled.

    "Just smile and wave boys!" (the penguins at the end of the Madigascar movie)
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    If you are under normal driving age, you are going to catch all kinds of flak, and probably just have to take it unless you got some cop friends.

    If you have the stock pipe, its not that loud, but it sounds like a weedeater, so if you drive it at 5am, people won't like it.
    If you worry about them reporting you, you will just have to decide to ride or not. The mb is the easiest thing to spot (not many around, high sound). IF you are worried about them noticing you or not when driving, they won't hear it till they are right up on you. They have insulated interiors and loud stereos and phones crammed up their ears. They will just be thinking WTF is that when they finally see you. Be careful.

    Don't ever flip anyone off. In traffic or not. Its a really bad idea. Some crazy drughead people might shoot at you or hit you with a car. Its just not worth it. People use their cars to feel like they have some kind of status. If they think they are "above" you, they won't even value your life at all. The car gives them a feeling of power. This is why they are called Cagers. Learn and never forget, for when you get to drive a cage. Be better than them by being real.

    The only thing you can do is ride defensively and be friendly to people you meet. They may stick up for you later (or at least go around you on the road. ) :helmet:
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