how low resistance can you go with gebe

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    HI there human existences!

    i like the idea of being able to use my motorised bike as a regular bike.

    1 with GEBE, when mtor is off, how hard easy can it be to use it as a bike.

    2 how long does it take to remove a bebe part in order for it to be free wheel

    3 is ther an additionnal piece that can be added to GEBE in order to make it almost freewheel?


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    Supposedly it's the freest turning non friction drive system made, you can loosen the belt tensioner pulley to lighten the drag a little but not while the engine is running.
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    I own a GEBE, and have put over 3,000 miles on it, 1,500 of which were racked up in just 10 days. Its reliability has been close to bullet-proof. (So far, my sole "repairs" have been to replace a worn belt and a broken tension spring.)

    Your first question is tricky because it's purely subjective. My own preference? When it comes to pedaling without the motor, I much prefer a plain old pedal bike. The GEBE isn't "hard" to pedal, but I wouldn't say it's "easy", either. With pedal power only, the GEBE feels lethargic and sluggish compared to my lighter pedal bike. Releasing the tension lever definitely helps, but I still feel some drag. Part of this may be due to my terrain (I have lots of hills around me), so if you live in flat topography it may not be such a problem for you. I'm also more aware of the bike's altered center of gravity (motor mounted high and over back wheel) compared to a regular bike. It just has a clunky feel to it when pedaling. I'll pedal the GEBE if I have to, but I wouldn't want to do it for long, and it wouldn't be my first choice of bikes when just pedaling.

    Your 2nd question wasn't quite clear. You can eliminate the GEBE's drag completely by removing the belt. You have to stop and get off the bike, release the tension lever, spin the belt off the drive gear and drive ring, and tie it up out of the way. Sounds like a lot, but it's quite simple and can be done in a minute or less. The drag will be gone, but you'll still be pedaling a top-heavy bike.

    Regarding your 3rd question: probably the closest you can get to "almost freewheel" is to simply release the tension lever. I sometimes do that for short distances (under a mile). It's quick and easy. That takes the tension off the belt, and there will be less drag. But the drive gear will still spin, and the belt may make a buzzing/flapping noise.
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