How many here have suspended licenses?

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    My impression is that many folks use motorized bicycles as a means of personal transportation after having had their driver's licenses revoked or suspended. I understand that this is sometimes but not always a result of drunk or reckless driving-- it could be from failure to carry insurance, or poor eyesight, or physical disability, or any of a number of other things.

    Am I correct that a large percentage or participants here are legally prohibited from driving a car or motorcycle? Show of hands?

    In the interest of disclosure, I'll volunteer that I still hold a valid driver's license, but I no longer own a car after I totaled mine last year. My motorcycle has become derelicted and inoperable. I don't enjoy driving or motorcycling enough to rectify these things, since I can do all my normal day to day activities on a pedal bicycle.

    I'm researching motorized bicycles as I consider building one to increase my average travel speed and operating radius over what I do on a normal bike, but without diminishing the pleasures of riding a bicycle.

    How about y'all?


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    My friend and I ride MBs because we dont have drivers liscenses yet. although riding an MB without a liscense is still illegal where i am, cops around here dont notice. Yes, i understand if im caught i will have my liscense suspended for a certain amount of time after i get it.
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    Still have mine. In fact I have been driving for 47 years and have had 1 speeding ticket and 1 accident. Not too bad.

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    My last moving violation was Christmas night, 1969. DUI, fell asleep at the wheel for a few seconds while on the highway. When I awoke, the cop was right behind me. Got a fine for speeding, not DUI.

    I learned from that one. Never lost my license.

    My wife and I worked at the same place 6 years ago, with the same work schedule. Had to wait in the car for her after quitting time, sometimes an hour and a half. She claimed it was the workload; I told her to quit taking long smoke breaks and stop goofing off. She told me to drive in with our second car. This didn't make sense, especially paying $46 monthly for parking each car. So I walked the 6 miles home once, which took 1 hour 45 minutes. Then I bought a bicycle, which took 45 minutes and sweat to commute. So I electrified the cruiser and dropped travel time to 27 minutes. However, carrying 80lbs of batteries upstairs every night was ridiculous. I gassified the bike, which lowered travel time to 20 minutes, depending how fast I went.

    So yes, I still have my driver's license. Now you know why I started motorizing my bikes.
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    Since it's only a 6 mile run, leave her butt there and have her call you when she is finished. Have her wait for awhile.