How many here rode motorcycles first

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Happy Valley, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    How many here rode motorcycles at some time in their life or still do, before getting into MBs?

    I did, had a bunch of bikes over the years and then a long gap before MBs.

    I'm curious, anybody else ride MCs?

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    oh yes -- the long time love story of the motor with two wheels

    first was a motor mini bike -- no pedals
    aprox age 6 or 7 years old
    hp 7 1/2 Power Craft engine -- feel in love with the first kiss

    12 or 13 years old maybe ??
    Honda 50cc 3 speed -- trail sprocket -- sweet little THING

    and then yes -- getting back to your thread here
    a lifetime of many many motor cycles
    it would take a while to try and list them all
    50,90,100,250,500,889,920,1250 cc

    then a terrible crash on the two wheels with motor
    500cc one lunger Yamaha -- down in the dirt around 20 years ago
    large piece of head torn off -- gone

    didn't ride for aprox 20 years
    then due to some license issues
    yes -- some of us here are not as good as you think
    not all the time anyway
    I got my motorized bicycle
    fullfilled all my needs plus more -- bringing back again -- the love of two wheels with motor
    drivers license has retured -- now carrying MB in back of pick up truck
    riding many times a week

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  3. bootlegger

    bootlegger Member

    Ive been riding motorbikes since I was a little kid. I rode motorcross at one stage everyday for 2 years (lived in the bush). I also raced motorcross for several years until I had a real bad accident in a Vintage Motocross event 3 years ago
    When I was about 20 I bought my first Harley and I have had one ever since. Currently I own an original 68 FLH Police Special.
    The weird thing is I enjoy the MB better (except for the breakdowns).
  4. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Yep, that's long time. Good to see you back in the saddle MM.
    Biggest bike I owned was 1000cc and a real screamer.

    Yeah me too, raced Moto in the 250 class, had a Husqvarna then a CZ. That was enough years ago when the Euro bikes were tops before the Japanese factory team bikes pretty much owned it all.

    I'm curious how many MBers had motorcycles before in their lives and already experienced speed on two wheels.
  5. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member

    Two kinds of 2 wheelers in this world. Those that have fallen and those that will. Got my first Harrley D. when I was only 14 years old !
  6. Hawaii_Ed

    Hawaii_Ed Member

    I started on dirt bikes at 11, and was always doing crazy stuff on bikes too. I lived in the mountains of Washington State, and as a teen we took old schwinns with knobby tires up into the trails before mountain biking was really heard of. I got my first street bike at 16, and always had one of some type until about 35. My last was a 2001 F4i 600 sport bike. I am looking at a fair commute in the future, and may try the MB, but I am leaning towards a motorcycle. I just feel safer with the power to maneuver around the cagers better. I am also a hot-rodder, and love all sorts of engines. As a kid I cut grass for car $$$, and loved tinkering with those engines too.
  7. OCLandspeeder

    OCLandspeeder Member

    I currently ride sportbikes. I have a Buell XB12R Firebolt and a Honda Interceptor. A few more before that and they have always been sportbikes. At some time in my life I owned two of the fastest production motorcycles available.

    I still like speed and am very much addicted to it. However, all the time I have been a motorcycle rider I have also been a bicycle rider. I enjoy the physical aspect and efficiency of the bicycle and for some strange reason, I enjoy going much slower as well. I guess it's possible to be addicted to speed yet enjoy slower speeds. I believe this is because bicycling is very much a personal sport. Unless you ride in groups all the time, most of the time you ride a bicycle alone and there is nobody else around you. Okay. Other vehicles are around you but they are in another "dimension" and you can break away from them and ride another path where they are unable to go.

    I still do not have my MB but I am waiting in anticipation for its arrival, hopefully next week. I still plan to ride my Mountain Bike for fun and fitness. The MB will simply be a fun toy to supplement the motorcycles.
  8. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    I rode dirt bikes in the 70s and 80s.
  9. Bikewer

    Bikewer New Member

    Not for a while... I traded a shotgun for my first bike, a good 'ol Honda S-90. That was about 1969. We put a big rear sprocket on it and I flogged it around the "river" property my dad had then.
    Caught the bug and went through a bunch of both off-road and street bikes; the last one I had was a 1973 Suzuki 550 triple two-stroke.
    I've mostly been into bicycles since then.
  10. if i had a motorcycle i wouldnt have to ride my bike.
  11. DetonatorTuning

    DetonatorTuning Active Member

    well, first ? kinda.

    we had rupp mini-bikes, offcast cushmans and allstates, then zundaps and anything else on 2 wheels we could get our hands on.

    dirt bikes early YZ 125 and a MX 360. got pretty banged up in a stupid drunken leap-frog tag game thru a state forrest and gave up bikes for 5 yrs.

    at 23 my first street bike was a '73 HD Super Glide that started my fasicantion with customs and performance tuning.

    in '83 i traded that bike for a 73 volvo sedan and enough cash to put my wife and kids in a rental and out of friends basements. i figured that would be the last i rode.

    15 yrs. later in '98 my wife picked me up from work and said we had somewhere to go. 2 hrs. later i woke up in a unrecognizable town in a drive full of bikes.

    she walked over to a cherry 77 Lowrider, cams, Andrews gears, stagered duals and said this one is yours honey. i kept it 2 yrs but it was never the same as the old days.

    i saw an add for an '85 Vmax and having the cash went and got it. that was the last i rode the Glide, i sold it the following yr. for double what we gave for it.

    still have the Vmax, they're the base of my tuning buisness, i've had a '01 FZ1000, built to the nines, sold it bought a '02 ZRX1200R, fun enough i guess but it's for sale too.

    i got into MB's as a hobby sort of thing, then sold my '84 18 MPG Grand Marque when gas hit $4.00 and have been using the MB as a yr. round commuter since.

    the MB is the most fun i've had in riding since i was a kid patching up basket cases and riding where they would take us and bumming a ride back home in the back of someones pickup.

  12. Lippa

    Lippa New Member

    I have been riding for the past 20years. I currently own a ST1300 Honda with which I participated (and finished) three times in 1,200+ miles in 24hrs (one BabyButt and two Utah 1088). Currently riding more local.
  13. Turtle Tedd

    Turtle Tedd Member

    yea first bike Honda Dream,,next a Honda 350 witch I put knobbies and a high straight pipe exaust 175 Yamaha early 70s when motorcross was just getting going in US...A friend was working on modification to make these "enduro bikes" ready to race motorcross....I fabed up a lot of swingarms to lenthen and drop the rear end ..a lot of aftermarket products were just coming out to convert these enduro bikes..I got mine down to less than180lbs and raced it a few times but could not compete with the big boys with more bucks and factory sponsorships...rode some long enduro races... now 30 years later i have discovered this HT BIKE hobby way to much fun
  14. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Quite a few, and probably more here.

    I guess my question is related to see how many MBers came to motorized bicycles by way of bigger bikes, as a downsizing move or just a way of simplifying while retaining the fun of riding on two wheels. Fun always seems to be a major component of MBs.

    Having first owned and ridden ridden motorcycles sated the 'need for speed' for me. In 1978 in the military I was single and footloose, put my money down on a turbo charged Kawasaki 1000cc. This was the start of the displacement wars started by the Jap makers, Kawasaki upped the ante with a turbo. Not many sold in the US, under 11 second street bike. They were scary fast and good in a straight line, handling could have been better.

    Bit of a stretch but in a way it reminds me of something I remember Chuck Yager saying, he flew everything under the sun first and fastest but later in life he said flying ultrallights at treetop was what was most fun. :D
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  15. OCLandspeeder

    OCLandspeeder Member

    I don't see it as downsizing.

    I see it as another dimension in having fun on two wheels. It also happens to be cheaper and simpler. Plus, I don't have to go 100 miles from home to have fun. When riding my sportbikes, getting out into the countryside is mandatory for me to have a lot of fun because they are so fast.
  16. Just_Gasit

    Just_Gasit Member

    Have ridden since I was six. Had a Hodaka trail 90 first, then a 1974 Honda XR-75, a custom 1970 Ossa 250, a 1986 KLR-250 dual sport, a 1990 KX-250 I raced motocross and desert on and I have a 1974 BMW R90S (I still have the BMW, the other bikes are all gone) I got the MB bug after making a push trailer and found this site.
  17. psmcd

    psmcd Member


    I grew up dreaming motorcycles. First the bicycle extended walking range, then a Yamaha trail bike added more. Honda scramblers, Yamaha enduro then Huskys for motocross and trail riding. Rode pro motocross in the early 70s but always liked to explore in desert and mountains. Tired of the travel, noise and time required as riding access became restricted. Simplified with the early mountain bike.

    Lifetime motorcycle count is 32 at least, none at present. Bicycle count is 6 with 3 current. That 84 Stumpjumper is now my Gebe four stroke MB. Rode the neigborhood at sunset last night. Must have seen 15 - 20 people, kids, couples, oldsters, smiling and waving a recognition they would enjoy a motorized bicycle.
  18. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    One of the items on my "bucket list" is to earn my motorcycle license.

    Among my other MB's I have a 2006 Whizzer which needs to be registered as a motorcycle. I'm also fixing a 1985 Honda 150cc scooter which also requires a MC license to operate.

    My brother-in-law wants me to "step up" and get a REAL motorcycle so I can cruise with them. I just don't want to spend $20K and go fast. I also don't like to pay someone else to fix/tune the bike.

    I like having three MB'S and being able to fix them myself.
  19. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

    Started riding minibikes around 11-12, totalled street bike at 17, at 22 my only form of transportation for a year was 650 Yamaha bored to 804. (I could keep up with the Kawi 900's and used to eat Honda 750's for lunch. Got married wife made me sell bike and Willy's Jeep.

    Never rode another motorized bike until after I turned 50. Now I have 3 bikes, working on a full suspension out of parts, thinking about what to do with a trolling motor, and setting up a neighbors bike. My brother thinks I should pull the carpet in my extra room and work on them in the house.
  20. I started out as a kid making MB bikes in the 60's. Modified bike frames with Tecumseh engines, DIRECT belt drive, usually to a small diameter wagon wheel, with a v belt sheave (pulley) bolted to the wagon wheel, which was about the same diameter of the wheel, which made for interesting left turns, lol. Brakes ended up being mostly the Flintstones method of stopping, a good pair of boots. Then as a teenager on to motorcycles, here in Florida, you could drive a motorcycle at 15, but not a car, unsupervised, until you were 16, seemed backwards but whatever way could get around.
    Now I buy and restore vintage motorcycles, my last 2 projects 1979 Yamaha Daytona RD400F, and a 1984 Kawasaki GPZ550. I will never get too old to appreciate and enjoy the 2 wheeled motorized vehicle.........