How many keep their MB indoors?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by stringer, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. stringer

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    I was just wondering what, if any, mats you guys are using (those without a garage). I went to home dePOT and lowes today and didnt see much in the way of a utility mat. The way i figure it, a 2x6' mat would be the right size to park on. They had some inexpensive vinyl on the roll, but it seemed too thin. Any ideas? :cool:
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  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    What is your floor surface?

    A friend of mine keeps 4 of his motorcycles in his living room and 2 of them are British. They don't leak a drop believe it or not.....

    They are so immaculate you could eat off them, pics attached

    Mind you they haven't been ridden in a while and he is a fairly spry 86

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  3. alex

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    If you have a happy time, and are keeping it indoors, you need to make sure that your fuel hose isn't too big, and that your fuel shutoff works. If not, your house will stink like fuel for 3-4 months. (I know this from experience)
  4. alex

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    That Aprilla is what dreams are made of.
  5. stringer

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    Wow nice bikes!!

    floor surface is carpet. bike is going to be a staton friction with EH035. :cool:
  6. cruiser66

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    Hi Stringer,
    Check out chair mats like they use under office chairs. They come in different sizes and thicknesses. Places like Staples and Office Depot, etc., carry them and they won't slide on the carpet. They are very durable and designed to protect the carpet from heavy traffic.

  7. jared3377

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    I do keep mine indoors sometimes, but I'm fine with just a flattened cardboard box. :smile: I keep my MB outside most of the time, but at my apt. (attached to a house) my landlords don't want me to lock it to the wooden deck. Sooooo, usually I lock it to my truck, since it has a brushguard or "cowcatcher" as my uncle calls them.

    BUT, when I'm using my truck or if it's raining, I like to keep it inside. :grin:
  8. stude13

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    gasoline fumes are something nose can get use to but you will never get used to BOOM that happens when there is a spark.
  9. jared3377

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    By "BOOM," are you relating to a spark that burns down your home...? :shock: I guess I don't worry about that if things are kept tightly sealed from fumes getting out into the open...