How many miles does your push trailer tire last?

Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by macarollo, May 9, 2009.

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  1. macarollo

    macarollo Guest

    List type of tire, size of tire, and how many miles you got out of it.

    Type: Yellow no flat tire (not for highway use)
    Size: 10"
    miles: 170

    Mine is starting to tear apart. It appears that there is a soft foam inside with a harder rubberish outside... my outer rubber is wearing through revealing the foam which is getting torn up on the streets. I am going to switch to a regular air tire.

  2. Gen3Benz

    Gen3Benz Member

    Type: Tricam no flat foam
    Size: 10"
    Miles: maybe 10
    I killed my tire on the first day....could not handle the load I gave it.

    Type: 4.10 x 3.50 studded rubber tire with tube
    Size: 10"
    Miles: over 30 heavy throttle miles and counting...
    I hammer on this little tire and it hooks up so well that it will make the trailer hop off the ground.
    That's when I know I am giving it too much throttle.
    I am going to try lowering the tire pressure to see if that helps.
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  3. macarollo

    macarollo Guest

    Today I tested another tire:

    Type: Harbor Freight "Heavy Duty" pneumatic tire
    Size: 10"
    Miles: about 10, I could probably squeeze another 10-20 out of it, but why risk it?
  4. Gen3Benz

    Gen3Benz Member

    yikes....I was gonna get a sawtooth tire from HF when my tire wears out....not any more:grin5:
    I paid $11 for my studded tire from mfgsupply

    There might be a cheaper source out there for these studded tires.
  5. macarollo

    macarollo Guest

    Do you see much tread wear on your mfgsupply tire or does it still look new? I was thinking about getting a slick tire from them.
  6. Gen3Benz

    Gen3Benz Member

    No wear showing at all......yet:grin5:
  7. Rgvkid

    Rgvkid Member

    Great thread Mac thanks for the Video. Very informative. The tire issue is very important to the durabulity of the build. I have the $4 tire form HF for my build but it looks like it will only be used for mock up. It actually feels like plastic rather then rubber. I also saw a 15" Foam Amerityre tire at HF that i think Znsane has used on his brothers trailer. Maybe he'll post some of his insite on what he's used through his builds.

    Thanks again Macarolla for taking the time to post your info and video.
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  8. macarollo

    macarollo Guest

    I purchased a new tire from a scooter store today. They said it should last 1000 miles, but I have no idea. IT was a normal air tire, but it DID NOT say "NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE" on it. I also got a new inner tube for it.

    This was just before I sold my push trailer... I didn't want to give it to him with a shot tire.
  9. Gen3Benz

    Gen3Benz Member

    How much $?
    10 inch diameter?
    What brand?
    Is the scooter store local?
    Any pics?

    More questions later :grin5:
  10. macarollo

    macarollo Guest

    Cost: $17.99- thought it was a little steep, but I was selling the bike later that day and had little other options.
    10" diameter.

    Not sure about brand.
    All about scooters in Tallahassee, FL.

    No pics, bike is gone already.

    What really got me... Before I swapped the tires out I was thinking maybe the reason my HF tire burned out so quickly because it was over inflated... so I let air out.... too much by accident. Took it for a ride, spun on the rim and ripped the valve stem off the inner tube.

    As the buyer was on his way to my house I ran back to the scooter store to get an inner tube... they robbed me... $8.50 for the tube, but I had no option. MY HF entire tire, rim, and inner tube was only $4.50.
  11. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    Those fake rubber Harbor Freight air tires stink, as I've burned up 5 pairs (that's right 10 tires) of those tires before going to air-free. THAT was the very reason I went to airless tires. I got maybe 50-80 miles out of a pair before they'd wear through the cloth ply and pop the tubes!

    If you get the real thick rubber sawtooth Cheng-Shin or similar handtruck tires (not the HF fake rubber ones) they will last. I have an extra set of those still. Also you can get 10-inch Turf-Saver lawnmower type tires in some places.

    Nobody has tried the Marathon flat-free foam tires yet? They are only $25 each at Home Depot. I have well over 2000+ on them, treads are worn off, and they are still good. The foam is the same all the way through, they are just coated to look shiny, and the foam is very tough. I went to St Pete on those tires before. My tires are really bald now too, but they rode better the more they wore down. My brother's 15" Amerityre has ~250 miles on it, and is not very worn at all.

    By the video, your foam tire had more life on it, you are supposed to be able to wear them down a whole lot compared to an air tire. However, it shows they are not made with the same quality foam of the Marathon or Amerityre ones. I never had any chunks rip out of my tire. There are several different grades of foam. The Marathon are tough, but soft, and the Amerityre are very hard and tough foam.

    It's good you sold the trailer, as it's up to the new owner to keep up tire maintenance. At least 10 inch tires are a dime a dozen.

    I've bought enough 10 inch tires on my old trailer now, and seen enough other tires to conclude this:

    Air Tires:
    Carlisle or Cheng-Shin Rubber Handtruck tires - Good
    Harbor Freight Rubber - VERY BAD

    Foam Tires:
    Marathon or Amerityre - good for many miles
    Tractor Supply version - lasts longer than HF air tires, but not longer than the other flat-free

    To answer some questions you have about how the 15" tire on my brother's trailer was mounted, it was ghetto, but it works. Two 1/4" holes were drilled in each side of the hub on the rim. Two holes drilled in the axle, so the bolts in the rim-hub will go through the axle like lock pins. I use stainless steel bolts, but you have to replace a bolt every so often after many miles. The Sprocket turns the axle, the axle turns the rim because of the bolts. That's also how my old trailer turned my 10 inch tires. If I could find a Keyed-Hub to fit the rim, I'd change the setup, but it seems to work fine.

    As far as the 13-inch air pocketbike tire on my new trailer - It's doing ok, but it's nearly bald already, and I had to patch a hole, but it's fine now. This tire has thick sidewalls, and it will ride ok while completely flat. I'm already looking for another tire for when this one wears out. I wish I had a foam tire instead, I hate putting air in tires and fixing leaks.
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  12. wolfgang123

    wolfgang123 New Member

    I have like a 16" wheel and tire (mini bike wheel and generic chinesse tire combo)

    I got the tire for like $20.49 it has about 200 miles on it and is just barely looking used