How many miles on your two stroke?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by marcel, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. marcel

    marcel New Member

    i have a 49cc starfire gen 2 and have about 500 miles and going strong.
    what about you?

  2. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt Member

    49cc about 500 km
  3. wildemere

    wildemere Member

    I got around 3000 on a 2.5 year old bushing motor, original jug

    Fitted new rings and a bushing a year ago, livened her up.

    The Jug is just about finished though.

    So a new jug is required soon...

    But I ride it at its max output a fair bit.
  4. Shadeslay

    Shadeslay Member

    500 miles and the other is around 400, both are still going strong.
  5. robin bird

    robin bird Member

    I put 3000 miles on my engine and it blew up--i had speed equipment on it tho-it is very cheap transportation
  6. puttputt

    puttputt New Member

    5 trips up MT Lemmon in Tucson and about a year of rideing to and from work robly around 1500 miles . Its dead now RIP
  7. zaviii

    zaviii Member

    I have about 3500 on the 68.5cc and it runs just as good as when it first broke in.
  8. Nitropeewee

    Nitropeewee Member

    1078 miles on 120 dollar gas bike kit. runs strong as the day i got it!
  9. Toysaresuss

    Toysaresuss New Member

    80cc skyhawk engine so far has 620 miles on it. pretty sweet ride aswell.
  10. jg767

    jg767 Member

    40cc Tanaka, 15 thousand miles and still going strong. Cooked the first top end when I ran it without oil by mistake. Now I always mix my gas and oil at the gas pump. I use a medicine dropper to put the oil in a liter MSR fuel bottle first, then the gas. I never buy more than 2 liters at a time, that way the fuel is always fresh and mixed correctly.
  11. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    200 miles in less then 5 weeks,
  12. radrob

    radrob Member

    1000 miles this summer!! man this thing runs great!! i ride it hard.
    having a blast. second childhood.
  13. cpuaid

    cpuaid Member

    1300 miles on my 66cc Bikeberry until it died. RIP
    280 miles on my 66cc BGF until it died. Good riddance!
    500 miles on my 66cc Grubee Skyhawk GT5 and still not a problem.
    800 miles on my Mitsubishi TLE43 and still going strong.
  14. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    600 miles on first bike (stolen)
    2000 miles on current bike

    Both GEBE

    25.4cc stock on MTB frame = 30mph
    32cc Piped on Schwinn Cruiser Frame = 37mph
  15. XenonDream

    XenonDream Member

    In 2 months, I've put 658 miles on my skyhawk 66cc. I'm about 210 lbs, and I have panniers and a rack trunk on it. I run it rich and cruise at 18.5-19.5 mph (law here is 20 mph). Still runs like the day I bought it. :)
  16. Around 900 miles on my 2009 48cc Starfire gt2 grubee dualstart dualclutch engine from gasbike and runs better than new. Its mounted on a 2009 scwhinn delmar cruiser.
    I have 2 plastic bins on the sides of my rear rack for grocerys.
    I have no aircleaner(just a screen) on my intake pipe and stock black cat muffler. I run wot around 30mph 1 mile to the store and 1 mile back home every few days.
  17. mountain80

    mountain80 Member

    2500 miles on my ht, new top end rebuild at 2200 miles as i was upgrading the top end bearing and shimming. Chrome was starting to wear off so i put in new piston and rings. I am running 160 lbs compression now so well see how long this top end lasts.
  18. Stink Bike

    Stink Bike Member

    About 4000 kilometers on my 66cc and it's more powerful now than it was after running in.
  19. DanielMaia

    DanielMaia Member

    1800km on my 66cc engine with a lot of performance parts such as tuned pipe, bpr6hix, 45ยบ angle head

    I mix ever 6% of oil, and its really really strong :)

    sorry for dig :D
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  20. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    4000 km... 3 months... WOT permanently...

    everything but the engine itself has broken at least once :)

    5 rear wheels(rims, spokes, etc)... that was a bad week :D

    havent done much but make a tuned pipe and tweaked the carb a bit...